Farfetch is fake? Learn the truth

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Farfetch is a legitimate marketplace that sells fashion products from various boutiques in Europe and North America. This is a popular marketplace for those who like to buy hard-to-find fashion products. There are often conflicting opinions about the site, but in most cases customers find a great place in the store.

Are you fake or not?

Definitely not a fake one. The company is dealing with a number of reliable and reliable fashion boutiques that produce and produce fine and fine fashion goods and accessories. They offer different products for men, women and children. Find out more about boutiques on their website.

It's great to have a 50% discount on selected fashion items on the website. They give a great picture of the products sold so you can make a good decision when shopping. In addition, the customer can use the Farfetch coupon to get even better prices on the products.

However, some customer reviews online posts negative comments on your site. The most common problem is that your site does not provide a contact number. At the same time, they provide contact emails for queries and other communications. The fact that they do not have a contact number is indicating that some customers are false. However, they provide e-mail addresses for communication and respond promptly to questions and other questions.

Why is there no contact number?

One of their representatives wrote that the company did not enter the boutique number of the boutiques because it could be problematic and could cause delays. The representative further emphasized that the boutiques operate as genuine stores and are usually very busy. Therefore, Farfetch is responsible for answering any questions or problems to customers, but only via e-mail.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback from this site is mostly positive. However, there are those who expressed concern about delayed delivery and delivery of orders. This is usually not under the control of the site and the logistics service is usually the responsibility of DHL or UPS. Firstly, it is important that you check your shipping data for your mistakes. Errors in the title of the consignment may cause delays or even the delivery of the order.

Another issue raised by the customer entailed the payment of additional fees. This is due to the import duties of the country under its own laws. Since the prices shown on the Farfetch website do not include import duties and taxes, you may be asked for additional costs for your orders.

Final Word

Farfetch is a legitimate site. They offer interesting offers of Europe and North America fashion products. You can get even better deals using the Farfetch coupon.

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