Five Best New Stun Guns – Product Information

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Stun guns have been around for a long time. Law enforcement and military units use them all over the world to be good. Over the past decade or so they were very popular in the civil arena for two reasons: they work and are inexpensive.

Some manufacturers of stun guns have developed a high reputation for reliability and durable energy. Many have been like Stun Master and Cheetah for decades.

"Stun guns are basically handheld devices with two ends at one end and power from the battery."

It uses the entire energy of the body and makes further efforts to no longer make you more harm. "

Technology is the same as ever there are new models and are far apart, but here are newer models with some new bells and whistles (say).

1.Multi Function – The world's strongest stun gun was 2.7 million and many more. Red flashing emergency light, super-bright flashlight, loud alarm, dripping pin and oh, yes, rechargeable.

2.Double Trouble-A unique design, 5 inches between the contacts instead of the usual 1.5 inches of the larger effect. There were 1.2 million haul drivers. Soft rubber coated handle for easy gripping and use. About two Trunks in One

3.Hot Shot – One of the smallest stun guns was 3 inches long but powerful 975,000. The infant's 3-5 second application leaves the bad guys in a ball.

4th Telescopic Stun Baton-A Godsend for people who are roaming by loose roaming dogs while you are shouting for a while. This 800,000 stunner also contains light and alarm. It ranges from 13 to 21.5 inches by a push of a button that flashes from the 8.5-inch extension. Touch the dog and it will not bother you again.

5.Pretender-Only pretends to be a real camera cell phone, but not. Instead, it's a 950,000-volt stun gun. 4 inches, 2 inches wide and 1 inches thick.

These are the five best new stun guns out there. They are perfect for both women and the elderly. When do you get one?

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