Five Reasons Why You Should not Purchase Online

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Online shopping is now "in". This is not just for a busy person but also for people who want mobility and comfort to dominate their lives. Much of online shopping is caused by the prosperous hyperlink of current online commerce. However, what you need to know is that although online shopping has existed for years, it still can not be compared to buying "bricks and mortar". Online retail websites are still largely tricky, frightening and unreliable.

Here are five reasons why I want to sell my shop rather than buy anything online:

1. The page loads too slow. I have an average internet connection, but we have hyper-speed internet in the office. During breaks, instead of going to some room in the cafeteria, I'm looking for web browsing for the things I need and simply checking their prices. There are some online stores that for some reason depict too many videos and pictures on their site to actually stand in line rather than wait for the page to load. Wait time kills and before I resume my job, it's only 15 minutes to buy, I can not afford to wait for all the pictures and videos.

2nd Insufficient information. This is no problem for online companies that are online advertisers, but these are the issues I encountered when cleaning "small" retail sites. For example, if you purchase any of the products from an "offline" store, the product is "as is", you can view the manuals for this product (if needed) and have a representative who can discuss the product you are going to buy and meet whether it is for you or not. However, in online stores, you will only get a picture of the product you are selling, a concise or brief description of the products, including its specifications and nothing else.

3rd Shopping carts are overwhelmed. I once tried to buy an online supermarket. I spent an hour carefully selecting the items and checking them in the checklist. After an hour I finished my shopping and I was so ready to watch them. For some strange reason, power went out. If it lasts three minutes. I tried to go back to the page where I was sorry. Everything I stored in my shopping cart was not saved and returned to the "shelves". This means that he had to do everything again.

4th Criminals of enemy theft are hanging on the World Wide Web. It does not matter that online retailers are trying to protect the integrity of their database, computer hackers and slash-identity thieves are still able to penetrate and hurt their site's security. This can be very disappointing, as such activity delivers information about every poor customer to identity theft.

5th No credit card. Do I have to say more?

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