Forced Expenses – How to Stop Shopping Dependence

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If you need a shopping "fix" to take the day in the same way as others might have a cigar or a coffee break, then it's time to deal with compulsory expenditure [19645002] . you're really brave, you can cut all your credit cards. But let's face it, if you were organized and effective, you probably would not spend the money as if it were otherwise fashionable.

So, in the Real World, How to Begin Changing Dependence Shopping and Buying Money

The dull as it sounds, the first step recognizes that there is really an addiction to shopping.

Because as long as you realize you have a problem, it's very hard to work on it and overcome it.

Take a look at your home and your wardrobe. If you are packed with things you've never used or worn (maybe a few items are still packaged in plastic), you may have a problem. Or someone you know has a shopping addiction.

Of course, recognizing the problem is just the first step. Of course, this is an important step, but next you have to do something.

The next step is to stop your excessive spending. The only one who gets hurt is you and that is the opposite.

It is also important not to label yourself. If you say something like "I'm a forbearing customer" or "Shopaholic," she actually grants her permission to continue the habit. Which is bad news.

Turn the tag you gave. You re-invent yourself – the celebrities are doing this all the time, so you have to do it well.

You may call yourself a "distinguished customer" who only buys occasional real stores and sees the rest of the shopping temptations. they really are. Do not let this go to the stage for others to perform their shopping habits – you do not want to become a shopping evangelist!

The next trick is to keep yourself in the way of injury as much as possible. Nowadays, it's much harder than taking a 24-hour purchase to keep your addiction if you want.

Maybe you can separate yourself from a personal shopping time and insist on it. Ideally, with a budget that you or a partner enforces, so if you budget over a week for a week, you'll have to pay your budget next week.

Remember, there is no magic solution – whatever works best for you personally.

Another important thing is not to give up the first time it fails.

And if you're not superhuman, you'll probably choke from time to time. The world does not end just because it's a bit ugly. Just do not use any failure to curb compulsory expenditure as a pretext to completely resign.

Do not be afraid to look for help. A trusted friend is good, or you can choose an anonymous help, for example, an MP3 hypnosis track. Again, what works best for you.

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