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I like to read what's going on in the online shopping world. It is fascinating and exciting to see how much online shopping is consumer friendly. People discover how much time and money they save the Internet. As the holidays approach, I thought I was collecting statistics and facts about online shopping.

Forester research put this figure on the 2007 holiday season: US online retail sales during the holiday season reach $ 33 billion. That's a lot of editions! It also means that 11 percent of online consumers claim to spend seventy-five percent or more of their online holiday costs. The number of online customers is also growing, with 30.2% of consumers having online purchases this year, compared with 28.9% in 2006. Why are the numbers constantly rising? Well, 55 percent of consumers agree that they are buying online online because of the product range.

How do people spend on the internet spending money? "According to a global Nielsen survey conducted by 47 476 Internet users in 47 markets, consumer recommendations are the most credible forms of advertising among 78% of the study participants (Nielsen," the widest entertainment device "). What sources of information are" very likely " Before making a decision about entertainment options, 62% of websites are ranked by their users as their best choice, even by overtaking a well-known friend (59%). Marketing Sherpa, July 2007 http: //www.bazaarvoice. com / industryStats.html

"82% of survey respondents indicated that online product ratings and ratings have influenced at least a certain level of their purchasing decisions. Seventy percent of the respondents claimed that they are looking for internet information at the top of the list of the most sought after services in the brand of certain goods and services, travel, relaxation and recreation. Although most consumers surveyed claimed that online reviews were being sought, only 32 percent reported their own online feedback about product or service experience. (Opinion Research Corporation, an infoGROUP company, July 2008) "

So what do these numbers and facts mean? They are still talking about research. Rumor is still important and it does not seem that buyers need to personally know each other personally to evaluate their opinions, but a friend's recommendation still has great influence. Personally, I do not know many people who have so many travel or recreational activities like in the past, so I see surfers looking for products they need or want to buy.

Even my mom got into the swing of online shopping, age limits, and interest in the internet its boom grows more and more daily, the culmination of interest, the retailers find a way to find it!

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