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For many years, I've been embarrassed by this debate: "How could I get more people to actually get into the store, instead of just gliding and walking in the window?" One of my neighbors has a perfume and jewelery shop and has brought an interesting idea that immediately started the results (half an hour!).

My neighbor is called Dave. This morning, he delivered many new products, including women's designer bags. Dave sells everything at a very low price, but there are items that sell only at 50p or 1pc. Its shop is in a small indoor mall, so the advantage is that you can place a table from the outside to show some merchandise.

Put new bags on the window – Some of these bags are very unusual and catch the eye. So, it not only keeps track of the attention because there are new products in the window, but also because the bags are out of the normal out of production, such as makeup and perfume. Secondly, Dave made a sign at his desk outside the shop, saying "Every item is £ 1". Of course, this was just about making a table.

The sign made a lot of attention, mainly because everyone likes the deal. The batteries were good quality products, so people shrunk to see what they thought was a fantastic special offer. The next thing you know is that people get to the store for £ 1, then look at all the other coolties in the store and usually leave more than originally.

It is often difficult to catch people through the door of your shop, even when you leave the doors open, huge signs blink everywhere! I think this is because many customers are paranoid when entering a small shop. They feel as if they have been observed and uncomfortable to buy this imagined pressure.

Dave today sold some new bags and lots of 1 item. I know she really went home to smile tonight. He also wondered how to apply the same technique to attract more customers to my T-shirts. I was thinking of having tiny objects that complement the tees, Sticks (buttons), belts, wallets, sunglasses, etc. I've already ordered some badges and I try to make cheap wholesale sunglasses. In addition to the store, I put them in a display stand at the lowest possible prices. It works like "bait" so people get into the store and hopefully they are interested in the shirts they sell. After a few weeks of testing, I'll post the results.

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