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Self-defense weapons such as stun guns, pea sprays, personal alerts and tasers are cheap tools that civilians can defend. Their goal is to allow them time to avoid a dangerous situation to get help and possibly escape from their lives.

The patronage has been used with great success for decades. Most self defense products are a simple element, but some are disguised as well. Why disguised it? In an attack situation, the surprise element is beneficial to the user – this is a very important advantage.

Below is a brief overview of the best.

1.Lipstick Pepper Spray-A 10% OC spray in a lipstick looks like a tank. It comes in five colors and contains 20 half-pole sprays with 10 feet distance.

2.Pretender Stunner-A powerful, 950,000-strong stun device in a package that looks like a camera cell phone. 12 LED flashlight, leather case and two built-in security levels.

3.Pepper Pager – A double pipe 10% OC concentration in a package that looks like a pager so you can wear your belt for quick access.

4.Flashlight Stun Tool-This powerful torch in two sizes was eight, 80,000 and sixteen and a half inches were 200,000. Both have 130 alarm and lifetime warranty. The batteries are not included. It's a big narcotics for trucks and people who do a lot of work.

5.Cell Phone Stun Gun – The most popular stun gun in the world. Four-function 800,000 volts alarm and alarm, prohibition pin and glossy flashlight. Free case and free items along with a lifetime warranty.

6.Hot Walkers-10% OC Spray a pound of walking weights with foam grips. The perfect disguised pepper spray for walkers and joggers. The keys and money storage space.

Do not let the bad guys jump with you with the element of surprise. Turn on the tables with these big disguised self defense elements.

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