History of Reusable Grocery Bags

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The reusable shopping bags, such as. PP woven and non-woven bags, as well as various other organic-based sacks, are becoming more popular in recent years. However, the history of such sacks appeared long before 2005 or in 2000 when the movement of the green shopping bag started to reach the momentum that is visible in the world today. Indeed, manufacturers of reusable bags began to produce their shopping bags in the 1990's. Over the years, these bags have undergone a remarkable improvement on what elements are being made, what they spend and their popularity in modern society.

The true story of these types of bags begins in 1977 when disposable plastic bags started to be used all over the world, starting in the US. Despite the fact that disposable bags were originally considered to be the correct substitute for paper rolls, it was not long before the trees could save the ponds, rivers and oceans to save the trees. In the early 1990s, manufacturers of reusable bags made companies around the world.

First of all, these shopping bags were made of different shapes and made from materials, from cotton to nylon. However, in the mid-1990s, the material identified as polypropylene started to acquire lead. Such bags, called PP woven grocery bags, are exactly what they use in many contemporary retail chains. The original bag production type is the use of non-woven PP shopping bags, although today it is used woven PP carrying cases. The reason for this material being the leader in the reusable sack manufacturing market was that it was cheap and could be manufactured in a bag of $ 0.25 in a bag, but it is durable enough. Historically, customers were comfortably forced to pay $ 0.99 to $ 2.99 in US dollars.

Productivity accelerated in 1999. According to the United States International Trade Committee Import Database, nearly 3 billion bags have been imported into the United States since 1999. Quantities are high in countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zea. However, we can expect that these numbers are likely to continue to rise – not just in the respective countries but also in the world. In addition to the environmentally-friendly trend, the use of green shopping bags is also increasing, and the trend in legislation is also increasing.

The United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other cities or provinces recently have legislation supporting the use of reusable shopping. While others went to ban the collection of shopping bags, other countries have also been included in the excise tax on the bags that can be issued while supporting eco-friendly grocery stores. Most of these laws have proved to be very successful in improving the use of PP shopping items and in many other eco-friendly bags.

Today, bags are not just legal and environmental trends but fashion trends. Reusable shopping cart manufacturers add a number of customizations that allow people to show their personality with their bags. As a continuation of the years, the upward trend in the use of reusable shopping bags remains strong.

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