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Homeowners are worried about their homes across the country because the burglary remains the country's number one real estate crime. Every six homes every year broke. If that does not stop thinking, then maybe that will happen. The value of the average home burglary value was nearly $ 2,000 and caused another $ 2,000 worth of damage to the home.

The home security industry continues to make progress in security products. Most popular include Motion Detection Alarms or Activated Alarms. When these alerts detect movement within their protected area, a loud alarm will start. These burglar alarms are actually the number one sales security products. Here are some of the motion sensor warnings so you can decide if one of them is good for your home security.

There is a product consisting of two parts. One is the transmitter that uses passive infrared technology to detect movement and then sends a signal to the inside of the house. Can be used for home or business applications. The transmitter can be up to 400 feet away from the receiver. All this is done wirelessly. This is one of the best applications for home security products.

One of the most popular burglar alarms is a Motion Detector called Motion Detection Alarm, also known as the Electronic Guard. After installing this popular home security product – all you have to do is plug it – you can protect it up to 20 feet in a 100-degree arc. When someone enters the protected area, an angry barking dog starts. Both volume and sensitivity can be set, and the remote control can turn off the device remotely and later.

A new activated alarm that can handle up to six passive infrared transmitters that can fit up to 1000 feet from the receiver that is home. Each area has a pre-recorded message that is played inside the controller on the inside when an intruder violates this area. This unit obviously protects a huge area and is thus valuable in terms of business security and home security. The sensors are weather-resistant and are designed for outdoor use.

These opinions are about the more popular motion detector burglary alarms.

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