Hot Shot Stun Gun – Product Review

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Hot Shot Stun Gun is one of the latest entries in the self-defense market. Stun Master has been producing the stun gun leader for 15 years. It's really a "hot shot" when you're about to protect yourself.

As with any non-lethal self defense weapon, the goal is to leave time to avoid a dangerous situation and, if necessary, seek help. Not harm or injury.

This cool device creates a wall that no bad guy will ever forget – 975,000 hauled hair, crushing a spine crude. The self-defense device comes with a cell phone-sized "size" package

This hot device includes three lithium CR123A batteries for self-protection and a FREE, removable stainless steel belt clip for easy portability and use

switch that prevents accidental discharge and damage automatically. Red light indicates when the device is ready to release its performance. and the sound of the stinging weapon of the filling suffices to rid the bad guys HOW IT WORKS If the attacker contacts two devices at the end of the device and presses the switch, electrical current to go through the attacker's clothes to his body and the attacker locks and crashes

Pulse current performs muscle work super fast, rapidly decreasing the blood glucose and interrupting the microscopic n Eurology stimulating muscle movement. The Results of Desorption and Balancing

The results are not durable and do not cause permanent damage. The power will not hand you over to the attacker after charging the charge. Lifetime Warranty and easy to follow instructions. For $ 64.95 this is another "BEST BUY".

This is not a game and should be kept out of the reach of children. Do not use this product for your friends. Leave this to the stunts. Some police departments provide guidance on the use of narcotic weapons. Check availability.

If you are looking for quality, efficiency, and biggie-LEGALITY in a self-defense product – the Hot Shot Stun Gun must be close to the top of the list. Stun guns in some states are not legitimate. Check with the local police.


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