How can video licensing make purchases smarter?

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Online shopping over the past decade has hit a giant peak with shopping giants like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, and makes shopping more convenient for customers. However, the biggest disadvantage associated with shopping is the lack of personal attention. Customer buying decisions are often influenced by several factors. There are many questions you need before making sure you buy a product. Video-capable shopping gives the customer a more personalized and smarter shopping experience.

"Video has a greater impact on customers, and 73% of customers are more likely to buy it after watching a video or service for this product." Nearly 96% of consumers found the videos useful to make their purchasing decisions. " (

Online shopping delivers endless things to your customers. However, knowledge of the details of the goods and the utilization relates only to the written document. These details are usually general and their accuracy is not guaranteed. By integrating live video, buyers and sellers offer a better and more satisfying experience for your purchases.

Let's see adding video technology to make shopping smarter

Customized shopping experience

Customers need personal attention. If you're in contact with an administrator who can resolve your queries in real time, they greatly influence your purchasing decisions. This is especially important for fashion and consumables. People are very aware of the things they buy. They have many questions about their quality and usability. Personal video communication with the expert can help you make the right purchase and provide the most enjoyable shopping experience. In summary, an eye-to-face video collaboration makes it possible to sell.

After-sales Training and Assistance

This is important for commodities that require proper deployment before use. Reading a non-confusing installation manual with technical jargon or searching on Google does not always help. This prevents customers from using the product or to hire a separate cost to get the specialist. Connecting with a technical expert ensures videoconferencing after sales and after-sales training without any expense.

Competitive Edge

Although video purchase is not a new term, but not too common. Not all online shopping portals or physical showrooms can be seen using the video in a regular session. So installing videos in the retail environment can give a light competitive advantage to an enterprise.

Effective Virtual Support

A company's return depends largely on efficient customer service. Webshops and e-commerce portals can bring enormous benefits to video-viewing customer service. Customers are happy to continue real-time collaboration with virtual customer service staff, rather than offering a robotic speech or offering infinite opportunities over the phone, which may not respond to the specific problem. [19659002] No, video conferencing solutions are also beneficial for brick and mortar stores. Digital signage with video display can be extremely useful for showrooms. The digital signboard is not just intended for advertising. This can be a virtual site map for new customers, which leads to a variety of sections and product availability.

Businesses with multiple entities need to hire more customer service managers for each account. The video enabled customer service ignores the redundant lease in the same job. Customers can remotely join the help desk and get all the help they need. Video Enhancement accelerates internal communication, including inventory warnings, delayed shipments, etc.; resulting in better sales data

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