How to Avoid Bogus Product Reviews

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You are a great product on the Internet, but you do not know if you can be a scam or a waste of money, what to do? Most people search for "[product name] review" and intentionally enter a site that actually earns money from the product they're evaluating, enough to say that this site says the product is awesome!

These are not a real evaluation after they say how good the product is if they are invited to click on what they called a tracking link. If you click on this link, your computer's "cookies" will be saved on your hard disk and the person who created the fake review site will receive a commission if you eventually purchase the product.

So what needs to be done to avoid these prejudices?

Try to see the link on the product's website, if you are displaying many random characters and symbols, such as question marks or equal signs, this may be a tracking link. Someone will benefit from you by clicking on this link and buying the product, you can not trust what your website says.

Reviews that do not say bad stuff about the product are obviously fake reviews, nothing is perfect, so look at at least 2 or 3 negative points of the product before thinking about it.

says you are interested in a member only for joining the site; the only way to see if your site contains good material when you buy access to it, so you have to rely on your review. For example, if the product was "Income Elite," then Google earnings-elite scam should look for negative reviews on the product. If many people come up, it's definitely not a good idea to buy it, as many people have said bad things about it.


  • Check out the links to the product page; complex? If so, you can watch a fake review.
  • Read the review; are there any negative comments on the product? If not, then the review is completely biased and likely to be fake.
  • Find the negative opinion of this product on Google, are there lots of things? If so, people have spent time and effort to write about why the product is bad and the product is unlikely to be worth buying.

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