How to buy when you want to buy it

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Do not you love to buy clothes?

WGSN (Worth Global Style

Network, 28% of women are HIGH for clothes. Them,

is a four-letter word that causes stress and anxiety

whenever they arrive at the mall.

Now in 26% of women who love to buy and totally

is often small in retail therapy, that may be

is unthinkable. How can someone not enjoy the

hunting or big bargaining? He does not like modeling

new clothes in front of the mirror or ask

unceasingly, "Great equipment, is it new?"

The answer? Many people.

And many women who hate the shop, the problem is not much

about money. In fact, according to WGSN, when they are

women actually force themselves to buy clothes, they are

is rarely looking for a deal.

Instead, they tend to avoid shopping centers because:

1. They do not know what clothes look best for them.

2nd They do not follow the fashion and they do not want to look

is ridiculous or dated when shopping. They can easily get overwhelmed if they can not find it

are looking for fast.

4th It does not feel uncomfortable to try out the clothes in dress


5th They might put a lot of weight on it and they do not know it

finds clothes that fit or do not want to face it

needs a larger size.

6th Hate the Masses

Does this sound familiar?

If you can really join this list, here are some tips

to make it simpler, cheaper and much less

frustrating what she experienced in the past:

1. Determine Body Shape

Begin by looking at your birthday apparel well

reflects the next garment or step

bath. Is your hip bigger than your chest? thorax

bigger than hip? The waist is the same size as yours

chest and hip? Does your body resemble a sandcastle?

Remember it. Look for clothes that are just as good as you are

when he touched the shops. This results in a quick success

and minimal frustration.

2nd Determine Your Lifestyle

What Clothes Work Best In Your Current Situation?

Do you need business to wear? Jeans? Ball gowns? If you are

lifestyle 60% work, 20% social, and 20% leisure time, a

example, or 90% work, 5% social, and 5% leisure time then

should be mirrored by your wardrobe. Otherwise you can do it

not to find something to wear

where you would spend the least amount of time

. Assess Your Needs and Create a List

If you know your shape and way of life, it's time

go over your closet and see what you need. If you are

short on top, put them on the list. Feel fabulous a

coatdress? Add some more. Do you like black A-line skirts?

Buy another dark blue color

Remember: if you start the list, you should immediately

knead to pieces in the shop. If you just look

What you need is much less likely

is confused or confused.

4th Go when it's quiet and you have time

This is not always possible, depending on which

situation, but try to go when the shops are almost empty

and have some time to watch it like a weekday morning.

Not only business secretaries will be available to help,

you have plenty of time to go to the store


If you hate masses or keep watch your watch

is more likely to give up or buy quickly when buying

dissatisfied pieces just to be able to convey it.

Simple Solution: Online Shopping.

5th Leave the Children at Home

This is not necessarily possible but if you buy when

are at school, leave them or change

sitting with another mommy, so everyone has a spare time,


6th Buy and Return

If you do not have time or are willing to try on the dresses

before you buy them, go into a mirror, hang on your clothes

in front of you and see what they look like. If it looks like it

want something, test the size in places

is most likely to cause trouble like shoulders, bust

or hip, grabbing the edge of the dress and seeing it

where you find it on your body. If you go halfway

way, you have a chance, you have a close fit. If you are not

if you exceed the point on the halfway point, go up or down to a size,

. Buy it, take it home and try it there.

If it fits, keep it. If not, take it back.

7th Help Help

If you do not really want to do any experiment on your own,

or if you require a certain appearance, but you have no time

track, rent a personal buyer. Many are better

department stores and boutiques are a staff; just

to ask. Or check it online, in the newspaper or on the phone

book for freelance personal customers in your area. THE

may be a place to recommend yourself.

While the class or boutique staff is a customer of a prize

is usually free (they get a commission on clothes)

to buy from the store), most freelance buyer fees are charged

or pay an hourly or flat fee for their services, and a

Cost of clothing. If it does go to get out

the door looks the best, with minimal stress and pay

it. This will cost you more than once

confidence, reduced stress, and workable, wearable


Purchasing new clothes should be enjoyable

are attending at least twice a year to renovate

cabinet for the new season. If you hate the shop or always

has ended up with things you do not need, try these tips

your cabinet is fine. Who knows? Actually, you can start

enjoy yourself!

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