How to dress when you visit a car rental

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Sad, but true – most people form their opinion of someone as they dress. As they deal with you and the money you get, you're very loyal to the automakers.

They say let me give a real example of this phenomenon. When I was in high school, my friend's father wanted to buy a new truck. He was one of those who bought a car or a truck and drove the wheels and sold it. Only a good old boy was born and grew up in the south.

One day he decided to have a new truck. He went to the store where he wore his trousers and bolted his old truck with which he started trading. When she came to the item, she headed straight to the trucks and found one she liked and tried. But … no salesman would help him. They saw them standing and looking at it, but none of them came out.

After seeing a number of other customers coming to the item and drawing attention from the sellers, he entered the dealer and asked him to talk to the manager. When the manager came, they sat down at a table and my friend's father dropped the title of the old truck and the $ 12,000 one hundred dollar bill. He told the manager that he had come to buy the wanted vehicle with all his intentions, but because no one was willing to help him get his address and $ 12,000 to buy the merchant in the city and he was sure he took his money.

This means that it will help you get a good or bad car buying experience if you try to clean it a bit. That's regrettable. After you get the seller to talk to you, this will also help you through the negotiations. If you think that you are someone you can take advantage of, it will be very difficult to negotiate with them.

Like I said, this is very sad and I hope it will change.

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