How to identify a trusted review site?

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When product research has been conducted online, they met with "review sites" that are actually trying to sell products to businesses. This is extremely annoying and deceptive on pages like "How to Get Rich on the Internet" that have grown over the past few years, like locusts. This does not mean that every site is bad (or that the products that encourage online revenue are bad, but this is another topic …), it seems that the bad ones go beyond the wider freedom. Even good people are at the bottom of most sides.

What is the consumer? The internet offers a wonderful opportunity to help you as an informed customer, but there is so much information – and so bad information – that you really need some sort of filtering mechanism. That's why I started my site to find very few (no, actually) sites that fit all the criteria of reliability, even though few independent blogs are approaching fairly. Unfortunately, it is difficult to review blog reviews because blog review includes monetization sites that describe bloggers with good reviews and bloggers have no legal obligation to tell them they are paid for writing this review.

So, what do you trust? Here are three indicators that I think are reliable review sites:

  1. Not all site reviews are favorable and some are really ugly. This is a good sign that producers do not pay writers to write their opinions. Consumer reports are very reliable in this respect; doing a lot of research and telling them if they find any mistakes. There are two issues with consumer reports: they have to pay for the service (which is good reason because they are good service) and consumers do not have much chance of reflection which leads to the second point.
  2. Your site is democratic in nature. I do not even look at a review site that does not allow users to comment or submit reviews, and this applies to some very large websites. Why? Because a lot of heads are better than one. User input allows the cream to rise. Amazon is wonderful in this regard. Consumers will be able to review every single product during the day, respond to each other, estimate their views, and so on. Amazon's main problem is selling all the items and sometimes I wonder if not some bad reviews. I have not found any single product in amazon that was round. Another problem in Amazon is that it is a huge company with a board of directors, high-paid executives, and a billion-dollar trademark. The same goes for Google, Yahoo! and other great gamers who have decent, consumer-based control sites. However, involving large amounts of money is not completely democratic. Amazon is currently the most trusted democratic review site, and it is certainly comprehensive, leading to my third question.
  3. The site is not a "cab". This is a dead performance that someone tries to look for a game and earn money. In my opinion, it jeopardized the integrity of every site review. There is no problem with people's livelihood by selling things on the web or launching sites that serve some areas of interest, but such a site is, for example, an apiculture site rather than a review site. If you want to open an apiary blog and inform readers about its realm, great! If you want to sell bee products, great! Just do not get dressed up as a place to give you unbiased opinions.

If you search the web, you will not find too many sites that meet all of the criteria. Personally, I think it's wonderful to promote a product you really enjoy, but sites should only be promoted to promote products that users really love and not all products are worth promoting. It should also be a democratic matter where anyone can respond to an over-promotional review and say, "Hey, no, I tried this product and it's stinking." Here is … "

Is there such a site? If not, someone has to build it.

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