How to write a lawful product review?

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We all know the "feedback" that is actually the camouflaged sales material.

This is not what we are talking about here.

If you are looking for legitimate, believable opinions, increasing traffic and reputation as your influence and thinking leader, here is how to do it – Adding templates: Recognizes that a you spend a little time doing this. Accept the use of the product and write at least 1000 words.

2. Select your product. You want something and you can use it while you are interested in your readers.

3. Get to know your audience. What do you care? What are the goals? Keep in mind the whole process because it does this review for them.

4. Be impartial and objective. Do not put preconceived concepts into your opinion. Get started open and look for all the positive and negative ones. Remember, your reputation is on the line so I'm honest.

5. Use the product. Some users are trying to leave without using the product and always show their opinions. Do not tamper with – use it.

6. As you walk through or use the product, keep these questions in front of you:

  • What does the product mean?
  • What products do similar products differ from?
  • How difficult or easy is it to use the product?
  • Why buy this product?
  • What's the problem or missing the product?
  • Who is this product?
  • Where to buy this product?

7. Add your notes as you use them. She will not remember anything later when she visits her. In addition, your notes make the writing process much faster.

8. Do not rely on PR and marketing materials. Yes, you can use photos. But write your own opinion out of nowhere.

9. List the good and the bad. You may be able to place a Ben Franklin style list for the pros on the left side of the page and the disadvantages on the right. Remember, even if you are an associate of your product, your opinion will be much more credible if you list the disadvantages. And its good reputation will remain in future promotions.

10. If relevant, include technical information. Just ask yourself – does the reader want to know this?

11. Give examples of how to use this product. You can describe the different situations you can use, different results that would make it easier, etc. If you are using this product, please describe your experience and the results achieved.

12. If you sell this product as a affiliate, make sure you discover this fact.

Product overview template:

A professional look review is not difficult when following this simple outline. ..

  • List the Product and Write Something
  • List of Key Product Features
  • Talk about the benefits of using the product
  • Optionally, write to the author and copyright case studies
  • good and bad; Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Explain who best serves the product
  • Enter information about price and purchase

The unfounded, honest, in-depth judgments do not describe the fastest jobs because of the necessary research and testing. But focusing on readers' interests may help build a solid reputation as industry leader.

And long-term readers will love to trust you, and are more likely to buy the highest recommendations.

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