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As people are getting more and more choice, it's harder to choose or decide what to buy. For this reason, product evaluations are of great importance nowadays because potential customers simply rely on them to make their decisions. As the internet and social networking increased, companies began to advertise and sell their products on various internet media, including social networks such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, etc.

In fact, most companies sell online and online products through websites. These pages and product descriptions are usually dealt with in a separate chapter on product reviews. These reviews may be versatile and may include product features or price comparisons, benefits, and disadvantages of the product or user's personal experience. However, these personal experiences are appreciated by potential customers as they may be related to them. If you read the experiences of others, you can decide whether the purchase will be a good investment or not.

In addition to reviews available on the Internet, another form of review of products is also word-of-mouth. The impacts of bad rumors are intimidated by all companies and manufacturers, as they greatly affect market reputation and sales. Advertising has therefore been a more realistic approach. Since ads have expectations in the minds of customers, and if these expectations are not met when purchasing and using this product, they produce bad reviews that will prevent potential future sales.

As customers pay, they have the full knowledge of the product. This right is currently recognized by companies who support and encourage customers' opinions. In addition, companies use these product evaluations as customer feedback and are trying to improve their products to better meet the needs of unsatisfied customers.

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