Insurance quotes – Does the purchase of insurance affect your credit?

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Insurance quotes and insurance policy offers are recently a new factor in evaluating new customers. Now, insurers check credit scores. Statistical testing has shown that people with good credit ratings are a better risk, and undesirable credit ratings are not a good potential customer. Insurance companies and agents looking for high-credit people will consider a low-risk customer.

Many consumers are worried that asking for new insurance quotes may have a negative impact on their credit rating. When agents or insurers pull up the credit report, they create an "inquiry" about their credit history. Sometimes we need to lower the questions by a few points.

So, buying insurance quotes will reduce your credit score?

The answer is "NO".

There are two kinds of credit requests:

] "Hard Pulls" – this refers to loan applications to get loans from a lender, a credit card company, or a merchant credit card.

"Soft Pulls" – this applies to issues that revise your credit score. This is the kind of "pull" that an agent or insurance company will do during the citation process. Soft pulls are not recorded in the credit report, except the name of the entity submitting the application. But Soft Pull does not reduce your credit score.

So you can be sure that buying insurance quotes does not reduce your credit limit. And it is very important to know that a good or high credit score can reduce insurance premiums when you buy an insurance quote. [Hotline]: The Trade Unions of Independent Insurance Brokers and Brokers (IIABA) find that 85% of new contracts will be used by insurance buyers for internet bids for quotations and research prior to purchase. Start shopping online insurance and excellent local insurance agents to contact you with the safest quotes of insurance claims.

You can save hundreds of dollars each year in the insurance quotation process. Many times, the new agent you choose will handle delisting your old policies and take care of all paperwork. Buying online insurance quotes is easy, easy and FREE! It does not cost one cent to get the insurance quote. A few minutes after your request the agents will start contacting you by completing the quotes. You can get better coverage for less money … it always happens.

Do not waste time and do not spend more on coverage than you need.

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