Internet shopping – advantages and disadvantages

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I'm going to start a positive comment with the pros!


The first and most obvious pro is shopping from the household and you do not have to dress, pack your kids, warm up the car, fight traffic, park your car and wait in line at the store. Huge time-saving! Not to mention that during breaks you will be able to jump online at work for two or three minutes and you can not cut at home for a while at all!

Money Saver

1. Another thing you should consider is that when you buy online, we tend to look for a item specific that has tremendous contrast and saves money countless other items and sales outlets.

2nd We can compare prices in a number of stores per minute. This process loses considerable time and gas in local stores.


Online shopping offers a virtual, unlimited choice for merchants and manufacturers, compared to what they offer in the local environment, no matter where you are. After the dealers chose originality and penny picking!

On the flip side with the disadvantages!

Shipping Fees

Shipping charges may be expensive and unexpected. First, search for a product, then the price comparison will only affect any unreasonable shipping fees.

However, if you spend a few more minutes in the price comparison and enter the product into the shopping cart, you can calculate the shipping fee and then delete or confirm the transaction.

Delivery time

Delivery times are usually within a week of most of the dealers' most products, but if you do not have more than a few days, online shopping is not enough.

Product Quality

If you do not know the product, you may be surprised by the quality. Or if you order a piece of clothing, you should send the items back to size, colors, etc. If you return items purchased online, postal travel and return charges are inconvenient (some merchants waive the fee).


The Internet is a very convenient time and money saving where a lot of shopping can be achieved. For products that you're not sure about size or quality, that is, clothing, it would be better to try them and personally see them before you buy to avoid shipping charges. Happy shopping!

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