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I recently bought Johnathan Budd's MySpace MLM secrets. The purpose of this product is to teach people who are in MLM companies to market their marketing through MySpace on their website and eventually sell their products for their products and reps for their businesses.

First, Johnathan Budd is a 23 year old marketing wizard for me. Because I accidentally found him online and bought this product, I can not stop visiting the web. He has really practiced the marketing techniques he teaches. He is one of the best manufacturers of the Reverse Tunnel System and, as far as I know, sells his own information products very well. Personally, I'm on my list and it seems to produce only very good quality products that you personally produce and other well-known marketing gurus on the web.

Back to MySpace. I thought you did a very nice job step by step in the MySpace marketing process. There are videos that describe how to do exactly what you are doing. He also has a PDF file that goes through the video course step by step.

Johnathan first talks about the importance of marketing and cutting-edge marketing tactics. I could not agree with it. The biggest mistake people make in network marketing are joining business thinking that they will be enriched, but they have no idea how to market their product or their own market.

He then says that there is a marketing channel created on MySpace. It's important for the marketing channel to gain leadership in entering your data, so you can send automatic responders for business and personal updates at a press of a button.

Finally, Johnathan professionally creates a MySpace page. It gives you great ideas and resources to do this. Provides links to professional layouts and easy access to HTML codes. It's a speech and puts video footage on your back, as well as links back to your site.

I've created many clicks for my site, more leads, and I've joined people because Johnathan Budd is teaching this course. Not bad for free traffic. This technique does not require much money. (Only $ 50 for friends to add software.) It takes time to set your profile professionally. After you've created your site, just create friends and build relationships with people. The others take care of themselves.

The only problem with this system is that MySpace tries to sell different things and programs with a lot of people. I think this marketing technique was more effective when fewer people tried to profit from MySpace. The good thing is that you can apply these techniques and apply them to different social networking sites to blend your efforts. All in all, I think Johnathan Budd is good value for the product he sells.

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