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Is Juice Plus a scam?

Juice Plus is an add-on that has existed since 1993. I looked at the product at a time as a nutritional benefit for my family. I was even interested in becoming a distributor so that I could earn the remaining income as so many people are looking for ways to improve their nutrition like you and me. I totally do not say Juice Plus is a fraud. I have examined a lot of business opportunities, especially health-related businesses, and I say that there are many fraudulent companies. I think Juice Plus is actually one of the best companies but the best quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and general nutritional supplements … with a little research method to let me know that Juice Plus + Not for me. Let me tell you why I decided not to do it.

Juice Plus Company

Juice Plus is manufactured by Natural Alternatives International in Santa Monica, California, and National Safety Associates (NSA) in Tennessee. The NSA was launched in 1970 and the introduction of multi-level products became known before Juice Plus. Juice Plus Fraud? No, it's just a clever company that seems to follow decades of business trends. Do you remember those water filtering companies that were popular in the 1980s? Well, this company sold firewalls at home when it was popular in the 1970s, in the early 80s, and in the late 1980s, air filters. Educational games were also sold at one time.

While some companies have been in the past with multi-level marketing, they have no problem using the multi-level marketing marketing method. If it is better, more people can benefit than traditional marketing, people save money and help them get products from those who never knew about the product.

So from a business point of view it seems to be a good idea.

Juice Plus Products

Their main products are Juice Plus, which does not breathe, but in powdered capsules. It's better than juice because juice additives such as popular Acai berry juice, noni juice, Mona vie fruit juice or Mangosteen juice products will begin to oxidize as you open the bottle. This liquid oxidation is harmful to the body. The Juice Plus blend contains great ingredients such as fruits such as acerola berries, apples, blueberries, orange peppers, papaya, peaches and pineapple. Juice Plus + contains vegetables from barley, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, salmon, oats, parsley, spinach and tomato. So, to answer the Juice Plus fraud question, I say that there is no Juice Plus fraud because they give real products with decent ingredients.

It has become common knowledge to increase the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables to improve your health and wellness. More fruits and vegetables will actually help you get rid of free radicals and natural antioxidants in your body. I did not feel that this product contained enough fruit and vegetables for me.

Juicy Juice Problems

Juice Plus Gummies Accessories for Kids have been found to contain about 80% corn syrup and 10% beef gelatin so the product has almost no nutritional benefit. So these are not much better than the rubbery mineral minerals you can buy at your local store. Both are basically just sweets!

I suppose other products are likely to have higher quality nutrition than this, but I've seen some other issues that made it terrible.

The biggest problem

I could not find the product tags in their place.

The biggest problem I've seen is that everything is poking around your website, I did not find the product tags for their own products! What are they trying to hide? Of course, they list some fruits and vegetables, but they do not say how many fruits they use. They do not show nutritional facts so you can see how much sugar and natural or artificial ingredients are in each product.

I did not like the need to buy the product to see product labels . [19659005] Some other problems I've seen …

1. The products were not unique enough

2. There was not enough research and science

3. Reports Missing

4. The products have not been manufactured quite high enough to pay me extra money for them

5. Not all ingredients were organic and / or plant-based.

Juice Plus Research

One of the things that aroused my interest in Juice Plus's first evaluation was that the product was at least in scientific journals such as the Asia Pacific Journal for clinical nutrition, evidence-based supplemental and alternative medicine, nutrition research, human nutrition and dietetics and integrative medicine journals.

Wait a minute. Soon I realized that one of the published, revised studies was done independently! The surplus is funded and / or written by the manufacturer, the main distributor or the Juice Plus distributors. That made me a bit more courageous.

Juice Plus Testimonials

A serious mistake occurred when choosing a former professional soccer player O.J. Simpson is a celebrity to support the product. Simpson received a multi-year, six-digit contract to sign up with NSA as the company's icon. Personally, I like to see a company that has a product that is so good that star athletes use the supplement on their own, simply because they like the added power and benefits they get when they're used.

O.J. Simpson was even better off after being accused of killing his wife and Ronald Goldman's friend. In March 1994, shortly before the murders, videos were made of Juice Plus + selling Juice Plus distributors at a sales meeting that Juice Plus + healed the arthritis, stepped up his golf game and freed him from using anti-arthritis drugs. However, his defense lawyers in 1995 in the criminal proceedings and in the 1997 civil trial (and in 2007, If I Did It) all claimed that Simpson was so hindered by arthritis that he could not have committed the murders. They also said that Simpson uses a variety of strong anti-inflammatory agents, such as sulfasalazine and ibuprofen. Well, maybe these were the ones that improved the inflammation of the joints to increase the golf game.

To sum up

As a conclusion, I looked at them as a healthcare product, and as a source of second income, the remaining income model is used, which she likes. To answer this question, is Juice Plus a scam? I do not think Juice Plus is a scam, but Juice Plus is not for me. You have to do your own research. I found an alternative to being very happy.

The Perfect Alternative

An add-on that is used by hundreds of athletes!

I found an alternative product for Juice Plus I really like! While looking for only one health product to help the family with health challenges, it's a great opportunity to pay for sharing a product that I really enjoy. Help others to feel good about their health and energy. Become wellness distributor! This is fun, rewarding, and after a few years of hard work you can get good residual income

Everyone needs good health and more energy. Have you ever heard of glyconutrients? Improve prosperity. And since glyconutrients are so new and anyone can easily start taking their diet regularly, there is a huge demand for glyconutrients. If you would like to become a local representative for the extra flow of residual income, talk to me. I've been using glyconutrients for a few years now, and I'm extremely happy with my energy, my immune system and my wonderful health.

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