Kyani Review – The Kyani System Scam?

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Kyani appears to be a completely new network marketing company but came to the site in 2005. They have also recently expanded internationally. The company and the Kyani system seem ready to take over the world of MLM because of the storm. This article shows that the Kyani and the highlighted blueberries are richer or just "blue".

Idaho Falls comes from Idaho, is funded by two Idaho families. In fact, rumor means that the deal should have provided $ 300 million in support before it ever started.

This kind of magic explains why Kyani slowly down. A reliable financial background for the success of any network marketing business CRITICAL .

The primary market for corporate products is health conscious childrens presentations. Another offering a long line of "muscle-bound" fruit juices and Omega-3 supplements.

The company has a unique "spin" in berry juice, our product comes from blueberries. This source is the first as far as I know. They are not common blueberries, but Alaska wildflowers. These humble little buddies are the "Unbelievable Hulk" of the Berry Family.

It seems that all those hard alaskan winters make these blueberries thicker. The skins are equipped with "nuclear" antioxidants, which explains the relative health and longevity of Alaskan native people.

Kyani also offers Omega-3 fatty acids from Alaskan Sockeye salmon. Heart is healthy, at least the least!

The creators of the Kyani system are co-founders of the company, Michael Breshears and Dick Powell. Both leaders experience a wide range of entrepreneurial activities, alongside the huge MLM experience. The company seems to be quite a distributor "friendly" with multiple training opportunities and nationwide meetings and events.

Switching costs have two options. The startup price is 95.00 and allows the individual to buy and sell products at retail. With this option distributors can not use the Kyani system and multi-level marketing opportunities.

To use the 3X7 Compensation Matrix Compensation Plan, the fee is 495.00. This money gets a business designer and a range of products. The plan has bonuses that make it attractive for a new distributor. The beauty of the 3X7 matrix does not contain any divisions. The legs basically become infinite. Only a good measure if a distributor reaches the "executive" level is to qualify for Cadillac Escalade.

In summary, the Kyani system is certainly far from fraud. It is a fact that the company seems rather solid, both financially and depending on the management team. Kyani seems to be a very nice company "culture", which provides good support to the distributor. The juice is not cheap, on average between 55.00-75.00 for a 32-port dosage. The product testimonials are impressive, which has grounded the intuition of investing. It was good to hear that many of the products were offered.

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