LED TV – Do not be fooled, understand the technology first

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I thought I was buying a LED, so … Stop it! Before you go over $ 1,500, you have to cut jargon and hype to really understand the technology that actually spends on the hard earned money. TV makers and the media are very good to convince us that the latest products include the most advanced technology and are not necessarily needed. Be real here, for the average consumer this jargon was most embarrassed.

A wide range of new LED TVs, which is a big buzz on the market. Samsung started the back door and released the 7000 Series LED technology.

This is great … but what is this LED technology that can boast? [LED-TVs-Truth The term "LED" means the light-emitting diode, and we know that LEDs are currently used in many devices, but in the current line of LED televisions, the actual LEDs are backlit they only use the TV and not the TV itself. If you think that current CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) TV technology is used, it is undoubtedly a LED backlight that is more effective for backlighting.

However, the most important thing here is that the LED television display is actually an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), only the backlight LEDs. So there are two large-scale technologies here; LCD for display and LED for backlighting. Essentially, the more advanced form of LCD TV.

Compares this technology with a real LED display. Displays, such as OLED (light emitting diode), stand alone, only an internal thin LED layer is used for the display.

The fact that the term "LED TV" is used to describe a type of LCD TV on Samsung, but is a brilliant marketing, since the actual buzz of real-time LED TVs, such as the Sony XEL-1 OLED TV use.

LED Wallpapers – Improvements Now that we've established that this is a LED backlit LCD TV, let's see how it improves the new TV selection on current television technology, 19659002] 1. Image Quality Simply the image quality improved with traditional LCD and plasma because the number of colors increased. The use of light-emitting diodes as a light source results in higher contrast ratios instead of conventional lamps as the LED produces blacker and whiter whiteness, which is the key to achieving high-quality images on the screen. Environment LED technology consumes less energy than current backlight TV technology, saving energy savings

. Thinner models. Because there is no need for traditional light sources, LED TVs can be extremely thin allowing a slim, attractive, more attractive model. the market is a TV now and you want the picture quality ahead of the current standard LCD and plasma ranges in the market, then you can not go too far with the LED TV.

However, if there is no curse on television shopping At present, TV must be equipped with technology that will be at the forefront of LED technology in OLED TV. The laser printer is another way of discovering.

Both are emerging technologies and require patience as they find their place on the market with the right size screen in your home. These televisions may also demand to dig a little deeper into their bank balance.

It is the moral of the story to understand in detail the technology behind the product before you become a part of your money, the choice is yours.

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