Microprocessor Host Controller KAFO – Otto Bock Sensor Walk, Product Overview

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1. Introduction

In the world of preparation, we are constantly striving to provide people with as much freedom as possible while still supporting them throughout their cycle. Otto Bock has created two KAFOs that are static orthodontists for patients requiring dynamic support.

KAFO is a knee-ankle-foot orthosis. This means that the English tongue supports the entire leg and helps maintain the leg, knee and ankle stability. Typically, if you have a weak knee and worry about falling, this weakness will cause KAFO to indicate that this person is doing better. This clamp can also help people who suffer from dripping feet, but this is not the only circumstance.

2. Sensor Walk KAFO

This special bracket was made with Mayo Clinic. This is a brace that provides the patient with excellent control and thus has a unique, highly stressed design. This bracket can also accommodate people with knee structures (up to 15 degrees).

Dynamic aspects of this situation Use KAFO sensors on the lobe to find out when a person is in the different parts of the cycle. For example, if the patient is in a late state, the cap may relieve the knee joint. What does this mean in English? – Basically, when the foot is behind a person and a person has to put the limb in front of their body, the cap will allow the knee to bend to let the individual swell their limbs before their bodies. This simulates a more normal walk pattern.

This closure can be used for individuals with up to 300 lbs / 136 kg. In addition, the sensor walk can measure the relative orientation of the wearer's limb and use a microprocessor to determine when to turn the lock on and off. This means that the microprocessor knows when to kick the added support you need as you walk. Finally, the microprocessor contains a lithium ion dough containing 15,000 steps, which corresponds to total daily activity before being charged.

3. Features and Benefits

A.) Stumble Recovery: As the name suggests, the cap will be able to block flexion in every position, helping to prevent accidental fall when walking.

B.) Uneven terrain: for example, people move up or down. – There are several advantages but this article has been discussed earlier.

4. Where to find this support

It is best to work with a local authorized orthologist if this or any other brace. These individuals have studied the field of orthopedics, meaning that they understand how to prepare for the preparation and how to help with the best possible support.

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