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The five most effective cure for headache are magnesium, buttebur, feverfew, griffonia and white willow bark. All five such natural products have been shown to reduce the pain and frequency of headache for some. MigraDefense (by KAL) combines these five items into one easy-to-swallow tablet. In my article today I present the Nutrition Supplement Product Review of MigraDefense.

MigraDefense combines magnesium, butterbur, feverfew, griffin, white willow bark and other elements. Serving size is 2 tablets. It's best not to come in at the same time. The repository also provides you with up to 4 tablets as needed. Recognizing that some of the ingredients are preventive, this indicates that MigraDefense can be used for immediate relief.

This is interesting because most of the headache drugs are one or the other, immediate relief or prevention. Aspirin, B.C. Powder, scents, or nearly any other over-the-counter headache medication very little (if any) claims that their products are used for prevention. Immatrex and other prescription medications claim to be doing, but based on my experience, many people experience terrible bouncing headaches and do bad work in treating headaches. While most herbal, nutritional or homeopathic medicines tend to benefit from the long-term benefit of frequency reduction and have a limited effect on immediate pain.

The ingredients of MigraDefense (followed by dose per day and daily%) are 200 mg (percentage daily value not established), Feverfew: 350 mg (NE), 200 mg (50%), Guarana (Paulinia Cupana ), Butterbur: 100 mg (NE), white willow (early): 100 mg (NE), Griffonia: 50 mg (NE), ActiSorb base (BioPerine [Black Pepper Extract] ginger root extract, rosemary leaf extract, (NE), Total carbohydrate: 1 g (Magnesium) Studies showing the relationship between magnesium and headache A. Trauninger found that magnesium deficiencies were common in migraine patients (A. Org., 2002, 114-119). A. Bianchi found fit (but not conclusive) evidence that magnesium is capable of treating migraine (Horm Vitamin, 2004, p.

Feverfew, Butterbur Feverfew is mainly used to treat and prevent common and severe migraine headaches. 170 German patients participated in placebo or 16 weeks in the feverfew extract, whose number of feverfew was significantly less migraine (Natural Heath, 2007-03-01). Butterbur is very popular in Europe, such as minimizing neurological discomfort. [18] In 1829, European scientists identified what is considered to be the active ingredient of white willow bark – a compound called salicin. The withdrawal of salicycine from herbs was considered expensive and time-consuming, and in Germany in 1852 a synthetic salicylic acid variant was developed and the selection was quickly chosen (salicin was transformed into salicylic acid in the body). The problem was that it was harder in the stomach. In therapeutic doses, people using synthetic salicylic acid have gastric ulcer and bleeding

German Bayer has finally created a synthetic, less coarse salicylic acid derivative known as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) asphyria. However, aspirin is still known because it irritates the stomach lining. Instead of aspirin, people are picking white willows because they do not seem to irritate the stomach lining. It is possible that salicin naturally occurring in white willow cortex will only be transformed into acidic form after absorption of the stomach.

Researchers also suggest that white willow bark is more effective than aspirin as other active compounds can be found in the cortex, drug. The animal experiment at the University of Cairo compared the willow bark extract with ASA and found that willow extract was as effective as aspirin to reduce inflammation, although the salicin content was lower than the equivalent ASA dose.

Griffonia Griffonia seeds are used as a herb containing 5-hydroxy-tryptophan. 5-Hydroxytryptophan, also known as 5-HTP, is an important element of the human body to form serotonin. Serotonin plays an important role in the body, especially as a neurotransmitter, for transmitting signals from neuronal cells in the nervous system. Griffonia seeds have been able to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks of migraines in many clinical studies. The 5-HTP content was found to be as effective as the treatment and prevention of beta-blockers or metizergide in migraine.

The ingredients present in MigraDefense contain strong records in the fight against headaches. If you have frequent headaches, recurrent headaches, chronic migraines or occasional migraines, MigraDefense looks like an additive that is very worth a try.

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