Millennium shopping habits rely on online influences

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Sofia Vergara actress or makeup yoga Yuya? Athlet David Beckham or Minecraft master DanTDM? Millennials Selects YouTubers' Hand as a Key Influence factor

A new study by affiliate marketing Affilinet shows that Millennium buyers are more likely to buy products that are supported by a YouTube, blogger or Instagrammer than a TV

2,293 adults in the United Kingdom who are between the ages of 18 and 30 are said to be buying something that a person they follow in social media like a celebrity-approved product.

This is pretty understandable 63% of them watch more YouTube videos than broadcasting on different frequencies.

According to the respondents, they subscribe to at least 18 YouTube channels whose videos are watched weekly or one week. More than 51% acknowledged that last year they spend about £ 285 on items that are being scanned by someone whose channel or page is being tracked.

According to research data from Affilinet, most of the purchases were clothing (44%), then makeup and beauty products (36%), video games (21%), home furnishings (16%) and kitchen appliances (12%).

Meanwhile, respondents are only 9%.

YouTube's power

Although celebrity approval is a tried and tested strategy for brands, YouTube served younger and richer consumers.

Many millennium means more about YouTube and bloggers as lifestyle styles seem more accessible than big names.

Unlike the characters of the actors and the TV, YouTube does not show anything or enter characters to their audience.

Videos are recorded anywhere and anytime, as you like them, visibly or amazingly. So what if they record a video in their spacious bedroom and their hair got confused when they just got out of bed?

Everything cares about messages to people who appreciate what's and never get tired of incorporating into their channel.

Most importantly, they dig a spade; praise, cheat or even swear if they feel that the situation calls for it.

This, along with helpfulness and useful product information and advice, draws the trust of many of their followers and ultimately influences their purchasing decisions.

So you can see that the success of a brand does not match the name and face of a famous movie, TV or sports personality.

Customers can purchase their shopping behavior by adding valuable content to blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts, among other online platforms.

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