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MinoxidilMax offers a variety of current solutions that have genetic hair loss (men's baldness or alopecia androgenetics). One of the most important ingredients of MinoxidilMax is minoxidil, the only FDA-approved local drug clinically proven to be effective in hair loss. Effective dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blocker, azelaic acid, also plays a key role in most products. The concentration of minoxidil in several products is higher than the usual formula, for example Rogaine, to make it more effective. In addition, glycerol is used to replace propylene glycol in several products to avoid itching in some people.

Various other anti-hair products, often composed of secretive ingredients, and a miracle cure for all types of hair loss, MinoxidilMax is more than one chemical company. Determines the exact ingredients and quantities of products, the selection and use of products, and the quantities expected from the application.

Many features of MinoxidilMax products distinguish them from standard minoxidil-containing products. First, a minoxidil of a product of MinoxidilMax is much higher than the usual formula, for example, Rogaine containing only 5% minoxidil. Although no official clinical studies have been carried out to demonstrate that 5% minoxidil product yields better results than 5% minoxidil. Some people swear by the efficiencies of higher concentrations of current solutions such as DualGen-15. It has been claimed that for years no hair growth has been observed with 5% minoxidil, whereas after a change of DualGen-15 for several months, significant hair growth has been observed.

Secondly, MinoxidilMax's propylene glycol-free solution offers some solutions to avoid scarring of the scalp. A normal minoxidil-containing hair loss product, such as rogaine propylene glycol, is known to cause itchy scalp in 10% of people.

Finally, a strong natural dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blocker, azelaic acid, is added to the MinoxidilMax DualGen product. Azelic acid is a naturally occurring material found in whole grains and which has been shown to inhibit 5-alpha reductase in human skin. 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone to DHT, which accumulates on the scalp responsible for hair loss in the male pattern. Inhibition of the enzyme by azelaic acid may reduce DHT concentration on the scalp and thus facilitate hair regeneration. The mechanism of action of azelaic acid is the same as Propecia, the only FDA has demonstrated oral care for hair loss (see Propecia at the end of this article)

Lipogaine is the most advanced product of MinoxidilMax. It appears that it consists of two products: Xandrox 5% from Regrowth LLC (5% minoxidil + 5% azelic acid, see Xandrox review) and Spectral-DNC or Min New York agent, both DHT blocker, vitamin complex and liposome carrier to better penetrate the scalp. MinoxidilMax's family of products include Dualgen, Essengen and Lipogaine.

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