Mystery Shopping 101 – How to Make Extra Money in a Slow Economy?

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Mysterious shopping can be called a secret purchase or a shadow purchase. Market research companies are also looking for "buyers" for sales and auditing jobs. Mysterious, secret and shady shopping jobs are fast, easy tasks where you will appreciate the services and products and provide feedback in exchange for and refunds for your purchase.

Merchandising and auditing tasks are jobs, gathering products or displays. All these jobs offer great work from home options. All forms of mysterious shopping can be a legitimate entrepreneurial opportunity for a working mother, student or retired. Mysterious shopping can mean a little extra cost to everyone in return for a couple of hours or for the evening or the weekend.

The mysterious shopping opportunity offers part-time "work" or fun money as a hobby. A secret purchase can be a full job for the right person at the right geographical location.


Secret Purchase is a market research tool that allows companies to maintain a constant quality and evaluate their training needs. Companies can also use secret clients to ensure the cleanliness of facilities and employee courtesy. Businesses looking for mysterious buyers are in a wide range of businesses ranging from banks and from dollar stores to theaters and chains of food, chains of chains to car dealerships.

Jobs or Shops

Hundreds of companies offer mysterious shopping services. Large companies enter into a contract with a mysterious buyer because they contract with an advertising agency or PR. The company is then working on developing a survey or questionnaire that contains information for good business decisions, training development and general improvement

The mysterious shopping companies can find simple online search. There are forums and bulletin boards where buyers share the information. Mystery Shopping Association offers leadership, education and counseling. It must be 18 years of age and have computer and Internet access. Most mysterious shopping jobs and reporting are online. It helps organize. Companies expect you to complete the orders and report within the specified time frame.


When accessing a work committee, payment is provided along with information and a refund restriction. Mysterious, secret and shady shopping jobs usually cost $ 10 to $ 15 per job. These tasks will take between 30 and 45 minutes. Some will pay more, some will pay less. I saw $ 75 in payout and I paid for $ 45. Merchandising tasks are a little more than basic fees and sometimes offer hours of work hours per hour. I just saw a merchandising job that offers $ 45 for four hours of stocking games on shelves.

The amount paid for mysterious shopping is processed monthly. Completing the job and receiving payment will take about a month. If you are working a month before, your payment will be processed until the 20th of next month.

You will need a fax or scanner to arrive. As a mystical shopping you are an independent employee and all the costs that you are carrying out are tax deductible. Potential tax deductions include mileage, postage, internet service and office equipment costs. The accountant can provide details and clarifications. If you decide to try mysterious shopping, it will provide valuable services to companies while they are paying for the store. Enjoy.

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