Mystery Shopping in Lowe

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One of my favorite mysterious shops I've ever done at Lowe. In fact, I was expecting a mysterious shop in the store because it was a bad experience when I bought it before I started my mystery shopping career. I once saw that Lowe's storehouse was on the radar, and I quickly accepted it because I was sure I was getting revenge on people who were so poorly treated. Now I know that mysterious shopping is not about finding bad experiences, but about evaluating people for their work. It's here that mystery shop at Lowe finally came to me.

When I entered the Lowe store, the first thing I should have done was find three different people to see whether they helped me or not. I went up and down the warehouse main corridor, looking up at each corridor to see if I could find an employee who was not occupied at that time. Despite the fact that I had an unfortunate experience at the store, I wanted to give them a good opportunity to get a good rating. As it turned out, my first experience in the shop was, in the end, quite characteristic of any experience I've ever seen. The first man I escaped did as if he did not see it and simply turned around and left. The second person I went up to did the same thing, so I followed them to another island. Finally, they were ignored twice. The third person I escaped with was finally talking about my cell phone, which is definitely in contravention of the rules.

Every mysterious shop has a special department you want to highlight. In this shop there was the kitchen closet class. I went back to the classroom, it looked as though I was interested in buying a few cabinets, or at least asking some questions. According to the instructions I received, I waited for at least 10 minutes to see whoever would ask someone. After several people passed by without admitting I was there, I finally decided to turn to someone. The person I approached did not care about my questions, they were not informed in the neighborhood.

I know that a mysterious buyer does not expect his satisfaction if he gives a bad account, even if it involves personal revenge. In this particular case, however, it was very bad if they gave them bad signals. All I had to do was to answer all the questions correctly and to give him some names. I felt like giving the company what they really wanted, honest reviews.

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