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This is a third party independent review of Agel. As with all my corporate reviews, I'll visit the corporate website, share the findings, and then decide on joining or joining you.

When I first visited our corporate site, I saw the three pages that I was looking for:
1. Products
Company 2
3. Opportunity

First I wanted to know about the company I've never heard of it before. Agel is a health and wellness company that can be called 'suspension gel technology'. The company was founded in 2004 by Glen Jensen, who spent nearly twenty years in network marketing.

I was amazed to learn that the company started out in ten countries from the start. Agel's job is to help people reach their new products.

I looked at their department of products and found out that they offer four types of products:

1. Active
2. Body
3. May
4. Kindle

As I clicked on the product, I was impressed that all of my products offered product information. Along the product, the ingredients, the proposed use and the facts about the product. I was impressed by the amount of products I sell.

Still impressed when I saw the company asking for a kosher document on some of its products. Hallal has a certificate of release. These are not easy letters.

Unfortunately, you can not buy products from your corporate site. I could not find a place where I found a consultant for the purchase. I often find a place on corporate websites that says "click here to find a local consultant". I could not find any way to buy through the corporate site. The company did not list the prices of its products either.

Actually, I've made a web search for "Buy Agel Products," and I still can not find prices on my products.

My last visit was on their own page. According to their website, their compensation plan is a "quardra plan" that I have never heard of. So I dig deeper. I was disappointed that I read the following:

"To get insurance, you must be active when placing a qualitative product order (50 cv or more) each month and at least one person actively activates the team team at that time,

As I continued reading, we can not say what they say above. I read the following:

"Team members can buy Agel products at wholesale prices, sell them at the recommended retail price and you can get immediate retail profits. "

This suggests that the above-mentioned decisions relate to group contracts, not for retail outlets.

If you decide to join this company, ask and clarify what you need to look for retail sales and how much money the team earned the disposal.

The next task was to find out how much to charge. In my search I came out empty. This information on the corporate site was not provided without providing full information, including your SSN. Although I'm fully aware that if someone decides to sign up, the law requires a valid SSN, I did not give this information in order to find out the cost of the set.

We've found an independent distributor site. Again, I did not find inventory costs without providing contact information.

Overall, while initially impressed with the product range and detailed product information, I was disappointed that the prices for the products were not found and the registration information was scarce. If you consider this option, I suggest the following questions:

1. What is the startup fee?
2. Is a custom site licensed? If so, what information can you submit to that site?
3. How do you buy a buyer?

I also suggest that you download the compensation plan and if you have no thorough knowledge, ask questions until you understand.

By asking these questions, you need to be able to decide that this is the right option for you.

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