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This is a third party's opinion. I'm not in any relationship with Aihu. These reviews are based on my personal comments.

I usually start my opinion by viewing the Corporate Information section or the "About Us" page. This page did not work on the site you visited on Aihu's website. By clicking on the "About Us" tab we reached the first greeting.

Then I looked at the Aihu product line. I have never heard of the company before, so I want to see what they are offering. I was impressed that once I clicked on their product page, they appeared with all of their products and prices.

I also love converting their products to green and sensitive skin. Their products use wood oils and other natural ingredients. Our products can be recycled, which is another plus.

I found many skin care products, anti-stress products, soaps, deodorants, aromatherapy products and finally a household cleaning product range.

that the products have not been tested on animals. It is so important that many people buy skin care products.

When I clicked on a variety of products, I was disappointed that I had almost no information on the products. Additionally, each page has a section that says "these products will also like it" but the page on this page was blank.

When we visited the "Career Opportunities" page, I learned that serial subscriptions are unavailable. Instead, you need to complete the enrollment forms and fax them to the company.

Offers a 30% commission on retail sales. They also offer a three level team instrument.

The starting fee was $ 99, though the site did not tell you what a new consultant would get for $ 99.

There are many questions left. If you are considering joining Aihu, I would suggest asking the following questions:

1. Are there any catalogs to show your products? I did not see a photo of any catalog.

2. I saw photos of event manifestations. How are the products sold?

3. What do you get for the $ 99 startup fee?

4. I did not find any distributor websites that had a web search on Aihua. Can distributors have their own site?

5. How do distributors pay for their team? Did their sales be as low as $ 20? There was no ferry plan I found on the corporate site.

6. How old is the company and who owns it? Again, I found very little information about the corporate website.

I do not support and do not hesitate to join this company. As I said, there were things I loved and there were things I asked. I just suggest asking you some questions to get the information you need to decide that this is the right option.

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