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Neways was founded in the late 1980s and was founded in 1992 by Tom Mower. The Golden Gate sold in 2006 at an estimated $ 700 million. Golden Gate is owned by Herbalife. Tom Mower moved to Sisel International. Founded in 29 countries, Neways has more than 500,000 distributors in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Taiwan (NFR), Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom


Neways products are classified into three main categories; health and wellness, body care and the household. From more than 300 products, from shampoos and shower trays to food supplements and household cleaning agents, their mission is to avoid potentially harmful ingredients. Compensation Plan

The Neways Compensation Plan is a hybrid of one step step separation. As a Distributor, you have to buy 150 USD a month. 10% to 4 levels and 5% to two additional levels. If a distributor reaches a certain level in your lower line, it breaks and is no longer part of the personal group. You will no longer receive a bonus for this distributor and the downline. The compensation plan is not the easiest I've ever looked at. If you're interested in this option, I'd suggest that you use a fine tooth comb.


To gain this opportunity, it is important to ensure a large income from the organization of large distributors and the sale of many products. You will need product partners as well as call lists for friends and families. In my opinion, you have to master and utilize a wide range of marketing tactics to really make progress with this opportunity.

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