Nioxin: A Hair Loss Product Review

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Nioxin has been serving the hair care community and its customers for almost 20 years. In the arsenal of hair loss products, this well-known company offers 8 different hair regimes, all of which are used to treat a certain type of thinning or fine hair.

Nioxin begins with the removal of the rest of the shampoo and styling product. Just as plants can not grow, if a blanket is placed over the dirt, it can not grow a healthy hair when the scalp and follicles clog the residue. Nioxin is the product of vitamins, amino acids and essential oils such as Rosemary (hair care and circulatory aids) and peppermint (stimulates and treats the scalp).

Systems 1 to 4

The system from 1 to 4 is designed to handle squat or fine hair or hair. Depending on advanced hair loss and whether there is a chemically colored or hairy hair, there is a special 3-step system that is aimed at the scalp to gently clean and nourish while thickening the hair follicle. These systems were created to create healthy scalp and hair in medium or rough hairs that are in different thinning stages. Again, depending on whether you have a vomit and whether your hair has been chemically treated or not, Nioxin targets your hair need to maximize your hair and scalp health.

Why is healthy scalp important?

There are many factors to consider when examining hair loss. Not only is a good hair loss product targeted to the health of the hair but should be the root of the problem – on the scalp. Unhealthy scalp is much less likely to produce maximum hair growth potential. From shampoos, conditioners and styling products, you can build scalp hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. Other scalp condition, such as inflammation, or damage to UVA or UVB rays may or may cause the hair loss process to accelerate. Treatment of scalp and hair, you have twice the chance of fighting hair loss woes. Although Nioxin is not capable of reproducing hair from heavily damaged follicles by DHT, it can help to cure hair loss due to unhealthy scalp and this is a great complement to treating hair loss using Propecia. Rogaine.

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