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We are our dog lovers. Therefore we propagate dobermanns. It is very important to us that our dogs and puppies are as healthy as they can. We live with Dobermann and we would like to have a great representation of the breed. We also want to stay longer with us and enjoy a long, healthy and quality life.

We introduced NuVet pet vitamins with another award-winning breeder from New York. We did not give our dogs vitamins. We supplied premium breeding dog food and dog food. We decided that NuVet was recommended by the breeder, and we will try. We're so glad we did it.

We have noticed all three changes in the Dobermanns. The jackets are softer and very beautiful. Our oldest dog has serious problems, but now it looks very good and has more energy. Before you sit down when the other 2 dogs can wrestle and play. Right now it pops up. It's good to see her behaving like a young dog.

When the woman became pregnant, we gave her NuVet pet with her pregnancy. I'm so glad you did a lot of effort and energy. He delivered 12 puppies without any problems. Last time we were gone before we knew about NuVet, he was tired before delivering his last kennel to an 8 litter. NuVet's dogs bounced back much faster after bite. His coat was beautiful and he regained his energy and appetite in a short time, which was crucial because he needed 12 little puppies.

NuVet is a nice thing to give to all ages. The fact that NuVet has only natural ingredients and does not contain any fillings or additives preserves the puppies. As we cut off our big lips, we began to break NuVet pills into their puppy. With a big apple, you will have 1 or 2 puppies that will be behind the others. With NuVet pet vitamins, every puppy was strong. Eight weeks after the puppies were 18-20 pounds on average, they were both solid and healthy.

Another great thing about NuVet is that it has many health benefits. It fights against free radicals that we know are related to cancer. It supports the entire immune system and reduces the risk of more frequent diseases. Some of NuVet's targeted health problems include itching and hot spots, allergies, arthritis, premature aging, digestive problems and heart disease.

NuVet pet vitamins are formulated so that all ingredients work together with the dog system. It was produced in humans of 8 years using natural ingredients. Veterinarians, pharmacists and animal owners worked together to find the best available vitamin. There is a Vitamin NuVet specially made for cats and kittens.

We feel comfortable using NuVet to keep our dogs and puppies healthy. We recommend Nuvet for everyone, and families have continued using NuVet with the kids. You feel good to give it to cats and dogs because this is the right thing to provide a healthy and happy dog ​​or cat.

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