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Did you know that sites are given a mystery? I talked to Tema Frank, President of Web Mystery Shoppers, to find out how online mystery shopping works.

Web Mystery Shoppers look for the same customer properties as other mysterious shopping companies. Of course, customers must be reliable and complete within the deadline. They want people who have critical eyes and who can express themselves in writing.

Theme Frank says, "Everyone, every age, every computer experience needs." In fact, they are actively seeking relatively new Internet users. More experienced computer users are able to "circumvent" the issues that may prevent the less experienced customers from purchasing.

Like other mysterious shopping jobs, do not expect a steady income from online mysterious purchases. Payment is usually verified within two or three weeks. Overseer buyers who do not want to check US or Canadian dollars are sometimes paid for by other means, such as

After the application you will be asked to complete the unpaid training task. By theme: "We'll give you a scenario and submit it to your site." Choose between the two screens – the customer's site and the questions. As you go through the site, fill out a question that will answer your experience of how it differs from what you expected and whether you're still there on the site if you have not paid for it. "

The scenario may be like donating to your mom or your 10-year-old nephew, choosing home items, or choosing other typical client situations." You buy a gift for your 10-year-old nephew. Your budget, including shipping and taxes, is $ 25. "You will not buy the item, but that's what you want to buy.

The training mandate is shorter than a paid order. Minutes on the training assignment and about one hour on the paid job. Paid orders may include the search function of your site testing and customer service evaluation by email query or telephone call

Typically, online stores do not require that a customer actually fill out a purchase. If a credit card number is required, then the customer can enter the bonus number so that the customer does not use his / her credit card

Although most mysterious purchases companies are editing customer reports to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors, Web Mystery Shoppers will not soon learn how to make mistakes, such as misapplication. Banking Clients You are in many buyers "mortgages" like "morgages". This has shown to customers that they need to optimize the spelling mistake so that those looking for "morgages" information can find their place.

Customers of Web Mystery Shoppers include banks, retail, florists, travel, B2B, nonprofit and government agencies. According to the theme, "Customers usually are not the same people who pick up shop-based mystery buyers".

So what does Frank Tema feel about the future of mysterious shopping? It is predicting that companies want to buy "360 degree mysterious purchases", to include all the channels through which the company operates, "in order to ensure that customer experiences are consistent, while customers have a brick-making business, website, catalog, Egypt's other outlets .

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