Online Shopping: An Explosive Growth in an Industry

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The online shopping industry segment, which is growing faster and to a degree that far exceeds what many thought it was possible. Oh, vision was in the 1980s vision to sit in a home and comparator shop for all your desires and needs to find the best prices without going from the store to the store, saving you time, fuel and money – But unfortunately, technology did not allow it until the models and the Internet transmission speeds accelerated over the past 10 years.

Fast progress with 5-6 years of rapid technological advancement and the internet is rapidly becoming part of our world. There were computers in many homes. The new generation is "technical competence". People have discovered the easy purchase and booking of online travel. This segment increased from 3% in 2001 to 95% in 2010.

Soon, a number of retail stores have seen what's happening in the travel industry and started opening their own websites with limited, usually higher-priced products. Few people actually bought the internet unless they were in home or remote areas. Some online specialty stores have started to emerge, just like some online insurance companies. – Listen to the Sears Catalog, Fuller Brush, and other home based multi-level soaps, potions, cosmetics and vitamin-sellers. So now you know we all understand.

What is this "point"?

There has never been an explosion in industry growth.

  • In 2009, only 3% of $ trillion trillions spent on total retail sales were made online.
  • increased by one percent in the first nine months of 2010.
  • In 2010, "Black Friday", after Thanksgiving in the United States and Cyber ​​Monday on Monday, online retail sales increased by 20% in 2009.
  • "Black Friday" saw more than $ 600 million in ONLINE retail sales
  • "Cyber ​​Monday" broke the first billions of dollars in history, and this was the worst recession and the highest unemployment rate the country has seen for 75 years!
  • In January 2011, online shopping center revenue grew by more than 250% in 2010

Find out what's happening?

  • The price of gasoline is skyrocketing.
  • Busy people do not have time or energy in stores.
  • The import of many people has decreased due to redundancies and working hours …
  • The recession has given the boost to save as much money as possible, so … [19659007] More and more people buy online because they figured it out a good way to save time, energy, money and gas.

Do you see any correlation between the travel industry and what is happening now in the retail shopping sector? People are becoming more comfortable with online payment options and are looking for what they want. And online retailers are happy to provide "real estate" for online shopping for them, much cheaper than traditional stores.

Online shopping has indeed become a 21st-century phenomenon – an unexplored industry growth explosion was an industry segment that barely existed 10 years earlier.

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