Online shopping security – the Internet privacy problem

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If you are purchasing online banking or other sensitive or confidential information online, how can you be sure that no one is able to monitor or silence these personal information? Also, how can you be sure someone can not get this information later on from your computer? The answer to the first question is simpler than the second one.

The answer to the first question is simpler than the second one. Mil Shield is an effective data protection tool that automatically cleans up all online and offline footage from your computer, which is very important for protecting your Internet information, as described below:

Traces left on your computer 19659002] The above discussion involves protecting your Internet data against online scams or fraudsters. Encryption, however, does not help someone take over your computer or access your computer with many security vulnerabilities in the operating system and application software. The point is that Internet Explorer leaves lots of traces in web browsing. These include web history, cookies, temporary Internet files (also known as Internet caching) and auto-fill forms and passwords. If you get an intruder access to these numbers, you can get complete records of all internet browsing and some computer activity that is not connected to the Internet.

You can delete some of this section through Internet Explorer settings, but not all of them are actually deleted (see Deleting the Index.dat file for the most familiar and difficult to delete sections). In addition, there is a real need to judge the cleaning of these roads as there is no centralized management area and there is no way to automate the process. Finally, some of the tracks truly match your browsing experience – Internet caching accelerates browsing, cookies protect you from re-reading user data, and history makes it easy to enter your favorite websites.

Safe Sites and Secure Connections

Everything you've bought into online forms has many (ten or even hundreds) switches and computers. In order for no one to catch this information, they use a special communication mode called the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL encrypts (encrypts) data on your computer and delivers (decodes) the data of the web server you are trying to access. But how can you be sure that SSL is used when you buy online?

First, you need to look at your browser's address bar and see how the title of your personal and credit card submission page addresses. If the address starts at https: (s secure) instead of http: this page uses SSL. Keep in mind that only the page (s) you need to provide your personal and credit card information must be protected with SSL. All other sites on the site do not use SSL because they are not required.

Digital Certificates, Encryption Strength, and Internet Data Protection

With SSL (Secure Protocol) you can be confident that no one can listen to and decode a web site with a secure web site connection. But there is another danger – how can you be sure that your online shop is not a fraud or fraud?

To resolve this issue when you visit the store order page and submit your personal information, the online store server automatically sends your digital certificate. This is basically an electronic ID card that proves the online store ID for your browser and verifies your browser is trusted. This certificate is issued to a trusted third party to the online store called a certificate authority. In addition to preventing online store identification, the cryptographic "key" of the certificate (encryption) used to encode and decode communication with the online store. As the browser approves the certificate, the secure server encrypts all the information before it travels on the Internet. As we have seen, online shopping experience can only be safe and joyful if you take precautions. Below is a summary of the steps that you need to follow for Internet privacy:

– Verify that the order page (s) are SSL-protected. The title of the page should start with https: (and use Internet Explorer) to close the small padlock icon at the bottom of the browser window.

– If Internet Explorer security warnings do not interfere with you, leave them on (or turn them on when you turn them off).

– Use a browser that supports 128-bit encryption strength and (if you're really paranoid), check the digital certificates for secure pages.

– Use a privacy program like Mil Shield to avoid someone stealing your personal information after an online transaction.

Well, happy shopping!

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