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It is doubtful how big a problem is domestic security? One of the reasons why criminals aim at homes is to ensure security from everything from security guards to indoor and outdoor security cameras.

There is another reason why homes are more popular with the swinging device: homeowners make it easy. There are things you can think of.

first Every 15 seconds – This is how often a home burglary occurs

2.Sixte Percent – Percentage of homes per year that broke. If you live in your home for more than six years, you will probably be a victim.

3.Six percent: the proportion of homes that open through open doors or windows.

There are plenty of things a homeowner can do to heal his home as a target. Window and door alerts, motion-activated spotlights, guard dogs, NRA stickers and much more to make your home less vulnerable. The best thing to do is get a free home security camera. Here are two cheap options.

USB DVR System -This surveillance system can be used indoors and outdoors and has night-time functions. Easy to install, very cost-effective, less than $ 500.00 and easy to use. 4 camcorder is connected to a USB DVR connected to your computer. It has remote internet viewing capability, so you can connect anywhere from anywhere.

IP cameras -These cameras are connected directly to the computer, saving money on hardware. An IP address is used to transmit the Ethernet / CAT5 cable over the network. The supplied IP camera software supports up to 16 cameras. Because IP cameras can connect to a network, remote logging and video recording or playback.

Think about this to see if you agree. Imagine being a cheater who demanded home invasion or invasion. Do you choose a goal with a surveillance camera above the entrance – the front and rear doors? You can not choose someone else – exactly what you want.

Protect your home if you try to fix a home security camera.

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