Polls point to what women already know: men hate Christmas shopping

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I do not think men come from Mars. I think they're from Whoville, where they coordinate Grinch and the band every year to win Christmas. After each holiday, after thinking deliberately, buying and packing the perfect gifts to my boyfriend, I can not wait to see what he chooses for me. I was looking forward to stretching the perfect romantic / sentimental gift and every year I'm very disappointed.

I'm not alone.

Do they do it deliberately? Of course not. It's just that people hate the pressure of the holiday fair and cut off their right arms to avoid it.


On the other hand, women have great expectations because we give a lot of trouble for gifts. In the course of the year, he will pick up the little tips he dumps, and then we do our best to make sure that his wonderful celebration is full of what he wants. Gifts for women have a hidden meaning and we try to decode them to understand how the guy feels about us.

For men, to buy presents, we need to have a bad relationship with our mother's birthday party.

If you are growing up when you are fifteen, you know exactly what I'm buying. But on behalf of the research, I went out to the field and asked the random people and friends of some guys where I was looking forward to buying special stuff that sparked their wife or girlfriend or was terrified as saying the purchase of tampons.

Do not read it anymore, if you think it will surprise you. He agreed: men hate the holiday shopping. Yes, even more so than in the corridor of women's products. Yes, even the sweet boys, and yes, even yours. Here is what they said:

Peter: "I'm in the category of bush humbug."

Gary: "I hate to buy my girlfriend at Christmas time, I've been putting too much pressure on me and the freedom is too commercial and I take good years when I see them just because society tells me that on a certain day I'm so stupid. "

" I hate buying, I'm trying to think, but sometimes I'm more successful than others. "Anonymous

Jason:" I enjoy it, but I can say it because I do not really have a girlfriend. " Ron: "The pressure I felt was going to surpass every year will be overwhelming. It's hard to keep up with imagination and thinking. Plus, guys like to buy practical things, but women did not like to appreciate a new Christmas toaster, if they desperately need it. "

TJ: I like buying my girlfriend, some cotton balls (snowmen), a nice green and red chalk, BAM: an instant romantic card.

Mike: "I usually do not like my wife shopping for a holiday, but I did not wait for the last minute, but when I make my purchase too early, I always think I changed her and finally bought some other gifts." The big amount there are always too many (in my opinion, not mine). "

Steve:" After 14 years of marriage I learned the value of the gift voucher, the kids, and if not, do not wait to return to the house, giving more gifts to Everyone alone I stay the time. David: "My wife never tells what she wants, so I usually get my jewelery or a gift certificate or something I can get back. Sometimes I buy my gloves or something, a book and a gift certificate, and some jewelry like gold or pearl earrings

Matt: "Yes, I hate to buy for my wife, underwear gets back to something more comfortable, jewelry is blessed with one eye if it is not diamonds, birthdays, anniversaries, children's births, etc. but my girlfriend is a lot more enjoyable, with all eyes wide and cheerful, but I'm sure this will end with time. "

However, this year we decided that every other idea (not necessarily a list) should be so much lighter, it was a stressful time, and I think Mars and Venus all come in. it's easier … a new business Vac gives you help on the account? "

Jim:" I'm not crazy about shopping in general, but I do not really care about holiday shopping, really loves something, sometimes it's hard and the fact, I'm trying to make some pretty definite ideas about what to get, and soon we'll get to the mall (as early as 8:00, usually before Christmas on Saturday) before the crowd arrives. "

Also from Jim : "Warning story with a guy I worked with: he waited until the Christmas night began to buy his wife and when he tried Balto try, he found that his credit card has already spent all! With no cash, came home from home. She was in the baby for a while. "

Dan:" My girlfriend and our wives are bought together on December 24th. First we hit some rods. size and go back to drinking. Our wives are pretty angry when they get the same suit.

Ben: "I always intend to get a thoughtful, wonderful gift, not always expensive but thoughtful, my window and a gift ending, I always know that the gift is torn or not." "Nevertheless, we are aware of it."

, "What do you mean, young and old, sweet and not too big, married and married, men are all the same when the Christmas shopping is a woman." As my friend's wise mother said, "Lamb, they are all the same."

Girls & # 39; Survival Strategy

So what's the girl? Just as we hate it, the best way to get exactly what we want is to sketch out and leave no stone. Give it specific data: Enter the URL This strategy will surprise you, but at least you will not be born a CD of a bearded or heavy metal monster ballads

Another leh the good thing is that a good friend calls your man and says, "Hey, if you get caught up with what your wife / girlfriend would be for Christmas, we bought it last week and mentioned, I love X. I thought you wanted to know. "

Or do it as my friend Annie is doing and buying things for himself, packed as a gift, willing to take a bill in their home.

The last option is to do what I do: I hope and pray that this year will finally be different, and devotes a lot of time and energy to the perfect gift that shows me how wild I am and how well I know the inside.

Because of these expectations, it's no wonder I'm always bothering you in the morning.

Mutants for Men

For women who do not want to tell them what they want (and yes, your dear friend, if you read this, it applies to you too) most women are happy. They are: a beautiful full length coat (tip: if you are a vegan, skip the fur and leather), diamond or pearl jewelery, tickets to an island escape or gift voucher is my favorite clothing store.

Best advice is how men you hate it, you have to pay attention to your comments during the year. Did you mention a trendy restaurant you want to try? Book and stick a note to your stocking. Do you like Oprah? What about the DVD collection of the 20th anniversary of the TV host? Are he jewels? Freshwater pearls are affordable and nice; Lavender freshwater pearls are now trendy and gay. As always, Tiffany & Co. jewelry will do the day, but if you get cash, get some books on themes that merge (the thought melts) songs that remind you of it. You would not experiment with a homemade card unless you plan your tickets to St. Petersburg. Baart from inside.

A Final Thought: If you want a cheerful Christmas, do not throw away the following gifts: ALL COSTS:

o Kitchen Appliances including, but not limited to, Mixers

o Mixers [Toothbrushes


o Exceptions: high-end coffeemaker

o Tools (know that you only want to borrow them)

o Sheetrock (my friend actually received this one year)

o Weight Loss Books, Ribbons, gadgets, etc.

o TVs (another gift for which there is a thin disguised gift)

o Puppies (everyone wants to choose their own dog and who wants to train during a holiday)

o Sports tickets (like you, we love things we hate to make you happy).

o Gift voucher for conversion (obvious, obvious error)

Good luck, boys. Try to stand out of the dog house this year.

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