Pool Protector Pool Safety Alarm – Product Review – Earth Surface, Ground Floor and Jacuzzi

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Pool Protector Safety Alarm is able to save the life of an unidentified floating person above ground, pool, whirlpool, or spa if he or she is aware that an invited guest or a pet is swim without supervision. The alarm operates on both ground and ground pools as well as hot tubs and spas. It is not intended to save the drowning victim but warn the owner of the invited guests when he does not supervise the floats so he has time to react to potential drowning.

This alarm is very easy to use and can be set in less than 10 minutes. It works every 20 and 30s. swimming pool or spa. The internal unit has 100 alarms that sound when the water is broken, alerting the home owner to the alarm center in your home. The alarm has an L-shaped sensor that connects to the edge of the floating area or the bath, which reacts to changes in the water level. When the water level is interrupted, the indoor alarm goes off at the remote alarm in your home. This means that if someone goes into unattended water, the water level disruption switches off the indoor alarm to get something inside the water within 7 seconds.

You can use the device while sleeping while watching the underwater underwater unit or the alarm unit in your home. 2 year warranty. The indoor unit can be moved to any part of your home or can be installed at one place. The water unit operates a 9 volt battery, which lasts for about one year. If the battery is discharged, the battery tank has an audible low battery alarm. The internal alarm unit has a 12-volt battery charge.

No matter if you have a ground, over-ground pool, spa or whirlpool; you have to protect yourself and children, grandchildren and even domestic animals in the potential danger of someone drowning because of unattended swimming. The Pool Protector security alert is a very inexpensive way to protect you, your family, and even your neighbors from the terrible trauma of accidental choking.

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