Popular markets in Lagos, Nigeria

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In Lagos, Nigeria there are markets that attract many people for many reasons. Some people buy products on these markets because they have relatively low prices while others like them for a quality shopping experience. Take, for example, a retail retailer located in one of the suburbs, visit these markets to buy bulk goods from wholesalers to sell a more convenient time and space at a lower price. If you are a retailer with GSM products such as SIM packages, mobile phones, GSM prepaid cards and accessories, then you will naturally visit a market that deals with a large number of wholesalers with such products. In Lagos, Nigeria, such places include Computer Village Ike, Lagos Island Market (Idumota), and Saka Tinubu, one end of Victoria Island. This is, of course, just one example, as there are an unlimited number of products and services to choose from.

Here is a list of popular markets in Lagos Nigeria and in products that deal with such markets

1. The Teaboo Market known as Yaba is currently being refurbished, one of the most modern markets in West Africa with standard facilities and infrastructure. The Tejuosho market is a densely populated market with thousands of shopping units and tens of thousands of customers who are forced to patronize the businesses in the complex. By 2007, when some parts of the market were shining with fire, the Tejuosho market was probably the busiest market in Lagos Nigeria following the Idumota, Balogun, Oshodi, Alaba Market and pig markets

. Alaba International Market . The so-called largest electronics market in Africa, the Alaba international market, is the largest distributor of electronic products in Nigeria. Many dealers are large electronics and electronic devices such as flat screen televisions, generators, household appliances, in particular refrigerators, fans, air conditioners, DVDs, digital satellite antennas and decoders, etc. The market is the cue for activities every day of the week, except Sunday when most merchants go to church

. Computer village. Computer village as its name includes the market, which is primarily for buying and selling computers, including software and hardware, mobile phones and their accessories. Popular in Nigeria's best telephone and IT staff, many of them have a lot of remarkable ability to handle, maintain, and repair phones, computer components, and other related devices. However, there is a draw, this market is also a notorious house with some questionable characters such as touts, pirates, pick pockets and scammers. However, the market has many advantages, such as affordable prices and quality products, but only if such products are purchased by reputable and licensed dealers

. Idumota. One of the oldest markets in Nigeria Lagos, this market is the largest market in West Africa and possibly in Africa tens of thousands of lock up stores occupying various buildings on the market. The peculiarity of this market is that it consists of many multi-storey buildings that are some 5 or more floors. The majority of the shops are actually apartment buildings converted into shops. The market is so large that it already has large volume transactions already at 6 am

. Balogun. As the Idumota market, the Balogun market is located on the Lagos Island. This is also an old market, with many locked stores, but unlike the Idumota market, there are far fewer multi-storey buildings. Some parts of the market cover the area of ​​Marina and Broad Street (the two busiest streets in Lagos Nigeria's central business district).

6. Mile 12. This market is popular because agricultural products and source of raw food. Any plant or fruit that grows in tropical Africa except those that are foreign on the Nigerian soil can be found on this market. This is the cheapest food market, especially vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products of livestock.

7. Mushin. The Mushin market is known from a market that has extremely inexpensive items compared to other markets in Lagos Nigeria. The market is both a wholesale and retail market, with almost every consumable that can be imagined.

8. Oshodi. It is known that its fate and large Oshodi market is Nigeria's second largest market in Idumota market. By the beginning of 2008, Oshodi had no room for many pedestrians and drivers, since the roads were in a bag that the free flow of traffic was almost impossible. This is the past, after the government of the Lagos government has been determined to get rid of seriality, lawlessness and disorder. The commodity prices on this market are also relatively inexpensive

9. Onyingbo (white sand). This market is on the market along the Yaba axis and Iddo's sister market is also the primary market, as it serves Lagos and many northern countries as transit points for food from North Nigeria through Iddo. Although not as cheap as Ketu Market, there are many affordable goods on the oyingbo market, mainly food and livestock.

10. Alade market in Ike. This market is modern but not as complete as tejuosho. Many companies operate mainly on corporate services and retail outlets that offer services such as travel and travel services, bureau de change, resale of consumer goods, and even car rental services on this market. The situation is relatively expensive due to the location (Allen Avenue) and the international airport

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