Product Overview: A quick and easy way to clean Pure Gold instantly from WordTracker

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Last day I surfed the web to search resources for WordTracker. WordTracker, in my opinion, is one of the best two market research tools on the net. The problem is that very few people can understand how to use this service. Hey, I missed the "Keyword Mank" chapter for hours … so far.

The only resource I found using WordTracker's power was a man called John Alexander. Your book is a quick and easy way for instant mining to WordTracker.

Bingo, by the name, I knew this book to me! For $ 29.95, I could not go wrong … did I know?

You downloaded the 48-page PDF file and immediately printed my reading experience. I've read this in a giant 20 minutes.

Did I learn something? Yes.

But, I did not feel that I learned fast and easy methods to clean clean gold from WordTracker right away. Instead, I feel that this title would be more appropriate and an easy way to get a little more out of WordTracker and that has nothing to do with Keyword Universe.

Okay, so I'm sucking books on writing titles, but it's your point.

I think the overall message John tries to get through is valid and should be included in a book. I think that one of the techniques described is not just a splitting but very useful one. With the quality of the information provided, this book's price is good.

If you're new to WordTracker, I'd suggest you familiarize yourself with the service before getting in and using the technology. Strangely enough, I think you have to find the confusion that most WordTracker users experience before evaluating this book.

Because the price of the book is low and I learned something, I gave it 7.

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