Product Overview – AirCast AirSport ankle boots for sports activities

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The AirSport ™ ankle clamp has proven to be the reference point of all ankle ankle over the years

AirSport (TM) ankle joint includes clinically proven Air-Stirrup® ankle creams, semi-rigid shells and air cells to provide comfort and support. Additional compression and stabilization between the ATF (Front Teeth) and the Integrated Foot and Rail Package

The unique "step-in" design (the back of the first toe inserts) and the automatic angle adjustment make AirSport (TM) extremely fast and easy to add. This design prevents excessive movement of the stiffener in the shoe.

The AirSport (TM) ankle boom is used in a number of sports areas, with only certain limitations. Some sports that require zippered shoes may not have the space to accommodate AirSport (TM). Baseball, football and football may require a lower profile to fit into the saddle. The AirCast A60 (TM) is a great alternative when this is the case with an athlete's face. The A60 (TM) is similar to the AirSport (TM) function, but is less bulky and lower profiles

AirSport (TM) is ideal for all indoor and outdoor sports where protection of the ankles and stability are required. Many patients wear AirSport after the injury has been cured for the protection against further damage caused by chronic instability

. The patient's feedback was remarkable with regard to the potential of the capsule market. Available in many sizes for most shoe sizes.

If you're looking for the highest support, comfort, and proven buckling buckle buying, then look no further. This brace is for you!

** It is always advisable to consult your doctor to determine the proper orthopedic condition.

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