Product Overview: Beaded Mom Bracelet

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I ordered the Jen-Els Boutique order quickly and Mother's Bracelet arrived only in a short week. I just fell in love with the beautiful bracelet, because my children were called.

The bracelet surrounds the wrist twice, showing the names of both children (the other on the top). Every name on each side is a pearl in the color of the birth stone. Emerald green to my son, pink to my daughter. (May and October) If worn, both names are visible on top of the wrist, with jewelery on the bottom.

No need for terminals because it twists the wrist twice (and eventually overlaps again). Do not try to try to lose or brainstorm your bracelet. I use this kind of bracelet for applause because it is easier to get in and out, but it will not fall or loosen.

While my bracelet style was "Memory Wire", there are many other styles that include clips. Jen-Els Boutique also offers other types of handmade jewelery including bridal jewelry and jewelery for children. For details:

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