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The woman who realized the need to keep the bra straps all the time, the Braza Strap Keepers are revolutionary sticky tapes that can be used at any peak. Small, bow-like adhesives should prevent the straps from falling out of the tank top and the sleeveless shirt. The Strap Keepers are used in two steps: the Strap Keeper up, place the bra in the middle of the bow-shaped adhesive and then glue under the shirt. Strap Keepers are available in two sizes that match regular and wide-banded bra.

The Upside: One of the Braza Strap Keepers is very easy to use – you can seize it and go in two simple steps. What's more, you can rest assured that it will not cause an allergic reaction to the glue because it adheres to your dress and not your skin. Easy to use everyday and does not scratch your shoulders – you can not feel it is there.

But it's best for Braza Strap Keepers to wear any dress without strapless. Strap Keepers fulfills its promise: no more visible hinges under sleeveless tops. Women who do not want to wear a strapless bra under spaghetti sweatshirts or underwater sweaters can now wear their favorite bra with Strap Keepers. They prevent the straps from falling and showing them and hiding them in hours. You can wear it at any time – whether it is sporting or during official dinners – and will keep you from grabbing your dress just to hold your bra where you need it.

The Disadvantage: The Braza Strap Keepers are disposable and can only be used once. Seven weeks per package can be used, it seems that women who often need to keep their bra should buy in bulk or more often than usual.

Judgment: The positive benefits of the Braza Strap Keepers exceed its limits as the number of disposable packages per packet. This solution is an immediate solution for the "irregular" bra straps that many women experience every day. Compared to the other pancakes in the market, Strap Keepers emphasizes that it is very easy to use – every age-old woman finds comfortable everyday wear. And since you can wear it under anything, you will experience a variety of comfort and freedom with the Braza Strap Keepers.

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