Product Overview: Brother PE770 embroidery machine

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The Brother PE770 embroidery machine is a great machine to try different embroidery patterns on the fabric. This computer machine is also compatible with memory cards, providing unlimited potential for the user. Some features in the machine include:


The machine has 136 embedded embroidery designs and 6 embedded embroidery fonts. The ability to be compatible with the memory card allows you to import various samples from the Internet or DVD using the built-in USB port. The USB port allows you to store models on a flash drive and simply connect it to the port. There is also a card slot on the machine that allows you to use other embroidery designs on the market from the company.

LCD Touchscreen

The Brother PE770 embroidery LCD touchscreen allows you to edit various designs. Screen backlighting capabilities are very easy to use and operate in the dark. The on-screen instructions are also easy to follow for beginners as they are step-by-step.


The machine has a rim that allows the maximum embroidery area to be 5 "x7". This would make it easy to embroider a wide variety of fabrics. The machine also has a built-in skeleton shape and a delimiter shape capable of framing various patterns. The shape of the frame is 10 and the shape of the border is 12.

Internal memory

The device has an internal memory that allows you to save and retrieve various designs. It is very convenient to compare different designs and try to identify the most suitable design to use.

Stitch per minute

The Brother PE770 embroidery machine can emit a maximum of 650 stitches / minute embroidery. Even at high speeds, work is still flawless.

Needle Threader

Automatic needle threaded needle threader makes needle threading easy. All you have to do is follow the basics instructions based on the printed instructions.

System for rewinding and winding

The Brother PE770 embroidery machine features a great threading and winding system that is easy to use. If you run the spool on this machine, there is an opening where you simply place the spindle and how the thread follows the direction of the arrow on the disc. When wrapping, just do it and just press the start button again when you press it again.

Other accessories for the Brother PE770 embroidery machine include scissors, spindles, dust cover, needles and screwdrivers.

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