Product Overview – DonJoy Drytex with economical hinged knee protection for MCL injuries

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The Drytex economical articulation knee is a neoprene alternative made up of unique nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric that allows better airflow. This material provides compression and support but allows breathability. Ideal for patients with allergic or neoprene irritation or warm weather conditions

DonJoy Drytex (Sport) features economical hinge knee-fastening properties including replaceable polycentric aluminum hinge, while the smaller-grade store has purchased single-person hinge brackets.

The closure offers a choice between poplite cutting. (cut out at the back of the cap to allow greater airflow and prevent clinging of material when sitting in a strap) This is a common complaint between many of the paddle owners.

One of the most common questions is whether I get slip or wrap-around, and what is the difference between the support of the two styles.

Slip-on style braces tend to even more compact compression than wrap-around styles. Of course, slip is easier to pick up and take off, a more comfortable style offers greater adjustment, especially for larger legs when your thigh, the knee and calf area does not match the "norm" The interchangeable style is XXXL size available on the thighs of the circumference of 30 "in diameter, very few companies get a stiffener on this large. The slip-on braces tend to slide more than the clamp worn and it will stretch out.The damn style style of course can always be adjusted to fit the better voltage level, so the tendency lasts longer

Whichev According to your choice, both styles provide the same support that is the convenience and fit question [19659002] It is always advisable to consult your doctor to determine the proper orthopedic condition. 9659008]

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