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The most competitive bracket in the market is the DonJoy Playmaker's knee pad.

DonJoy Playmaker is suitable for mild or moderate ACL, MCL and LCL knee instability. Thousands of athletes use in all types of sports to help stabilize and support their injured knees.

As a mid-level product, it is proven from time to time that it's durable and adaptable to most sports activities, with many added features that are typically not visible in the wrist-like braces.

Made of Neoprene material for athletes who are in cold weather and in water sports. Neoprene helps maintain heat and is extremely durable in high impact / contact sports. Skiing, ice hockey, snowboarding, Wakeboarding and Kite surfing are just a few of the Neoprene Playmaker sports.

Playmaker is also available in the material called drytex. This unique nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric allows for better airflow. Lightweight polyester nylon weave is ideal for patients who have neoprene-based irritation or allergies or live in warm weather conditions.

Playmaker is also available on a slip or wrap-around style. Wrap-around styles usually appear when the outline of the thigh and calf does not conform to the norm that occurs in large athletes, obese people, or if pulling is not practical (removal of ski boots or ice skates). The wrap-around style makes the athlete more responsive to the tension around the thigh and leg. The slip-on style is easy to apply and uses a more uniform compression around the knee. Choice is a purely comfort factor and does not affect the closing force.

The unique feature of DonJoy Playmaker is that there is a cutout on the back of the knee. One of the most common complaints among athletes and patients with the irritation of the material is the back of the knee. If an opening is formed at the rear of the clip, the node of the nozzle drops and the back of the knee can breathe. Again choice is a convenient factor and does not affect the closing force. Many athletes (skiers) prefer a closed back to keep the knees warm.

The biggest feature of DonJoy Playmaker is the bottom of the closure element. Polycentric hinges with contoured cones and the famous four-point dynamic leakage system provide unsurpassed stability and support for the textile-style holder.

Some of the new features released in 2008 are a drop-off style for postoperative patients and patients who need to fix the brace for full extensions when ambulatory. The new Fource Point strap has been incorporated into the Playmaker. Fource Point technology has been developed to further protect ACL and improve the design of Four Points of Leverage brace.

The patented Fource Point wristbands are designed to respond to the leg extension and gradually withstand the last 35 degree extension to reduce the extension shock and increase tibial back tensions.

The wrist strap has three adjustment settings to change the amount of resistance to suit the physician's protocols and the patient's comfort.

Whatever style of gamer you choose, you can be assured that the market is one of the most popular and most important support handles today.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor to determine the proper orthopedic condition.

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