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There are several aspects of acne attack and treatment that affect the various parts of the skin. The most targeted part of the skin is undeniably the pores. They are often trapped in unnecessary oil and dirt to create acne and blackheads that result in acne feedback. Therefore, targeting and cleaning pores is of paramount importance for many products. Clean & Clear Deep Action products are designed to clean the skin after pores. This review will include a review of Clean & Clear and an overview of the effectiveness of acne treatment.

Clean & Clear has been developed by Johnson & Johnson (officially known as Ethicon), one of the industry's leading companies and a world-renowned company. This company received the A + class from the Better Business Bureau and has not received a complaint against Clean & Clear for the past 36 months.

The Clean & Clear line consists of three products: the Refreshing Gel Cleanser; Cream cleaner; and Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub. All these products contain rescue to help cool the skin and leave it fresh. The refreshing gel contains salicylic acid and cleanses the skin surface. The cream cleanser (with a regular alcoholic formula and without a sensitive formula) is soap-free and hypoallergenic. Finally, the Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub microparticles for deep pore purification. There are no side effects in any of these products, according to the official website. All products can be purchased at different retail stores in the country and approx.

As for cleaning the skin, Clean & Clear is quite effective. It was well-known for its efficacy that the skin was noticeably smooth, clean and refreshed, and most of the users praised their full cleaning effect. In fact, the Self magazine won the Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub Health Beauty Award in 2008. As far as acne is concerned, Clean & Clear does not seem effective. Many have reported that the products did not improve their mines and in some cases even worse. Others have reported that the products have dried out on their skin. Furthermore, menthol does not help acne at all. All in all, Clean & Clear seems to be good for cleaning your skin, but not for acne treatment.

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