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I've been looking for floor mats for about a month to give my home gym home. After looking at several manufacturers with different styles, such as roll out, sectionals, and puzzle matts, I decided to go with Get Rung Puzzle Mats. There were some reasons for choosing Get Rung for other manufacturers and for more reasons that I was happy with the decision. Here are some of the features that you might consider if you are looking for Puzzle Mats at home, gym or martial arts.

The Reasons To Buy

The first thing that helped me decide how to go with Get Rung was a low-cost combination with no minimum order quantity. Get Rung rugs range from $ 2.35 to $ 2.45, depending on the country in which you live and will be lower than each set. As I bought for the Puzzle Mats or the Sectionals, I found that many of the mattresses I found, or much higher per square meter, or those that were in the same range in the Get Rung range, purchase demands that were reported at least twice, as much as I needed. How good is the mattress for a cheaper price if I have to buy twice as many Mats as I need, right? Get Rung sells the Mats per box, 100 square per box. Each box has 9 puzzle mats and all the necessary end / heel pieces to create a square carpet board.

My second reason to go with Get Rung is to finish color options and tatami. Get Rung Puzzle Mats is available in 3 colors: blue, black and red. The carpets are also in tatami. This is much more advantageous to the fight than the carpets that can be obtained from the local sports warehouse. The reason for this is that they can finally try out the usual puzzle mats, partly due to the ending, and the materials that the carpets form (which I will cover soon). In the Tatami finish, Get Rung carpets are difficult to burn. I had many really intestinal combat sports and no burns.

Main Features

Of course, both pricing and color selection were the primary cause of buying a carpet, but these features I noticed after I started using the carpets which was happy with my shopping. One of the things I was worried about was that the rugs would be right for stoppages and violent struggle. At the time I bought the carpets, I mostly stood up, but I knew that in my home gym the opportunity to fight better was what I would be planning in the future. I was worried that Get Rung rugs are not so soft enough to absorb the effects of rough falls or hard battles. I soon realized that my worries were unjustified. Get Rung Puzzle Mats is not rubber-based but consists of EVA foam. The hardness of the foam is 40-45, which is soft enough to pull it off, but it is difficult enough to perform many grounding sparring and pad drilling operations. In order for some perspective concrete to have a 100-degree hardness, the 40-45 is pretty soft enough to absorb the high impact. The only thing I'd probably hesitate for, Judo seriously throws the carpets. You would like to do a 4 cm Judo Throwing Mat.

Installation and Cleaning

The Puzzle Mats arrives in packs of 9 that reach 100 square meters. As mentioned above, at each end and corner, the perfect squares with carpets come. Simply putting them together can be simpler, just as you can connect them through the ground and you are good. If you orient yourself a little more in detail than me, you must first put them out to move the pattern in the same direction. This also helps when it comes to loading the carpets.

As far as cleaning is concerned, it is easy to use any type of household cleaner on the carpets diluted with water. Get Rung recommends whitening because the color of the rug can be blurred. In fact, I'm not using a chemical natural cleanser that contains tea tree oil as an active ingredient. It is believed that Tea Tree Oil prevents MRSA and other fungal and microbial agents. What I finally do, I drifted, then broke the carpets, and then loaded the carpets to dry out quickly. It is probably a good idea to pick up the carpets and clean them once a month and dry them when used for a home gym and once a week if they are used by a martial arts school. The carpet bonus feature is that you have the goal on both sides so you can turn them around and use the other side.

Various uses

The most obvious use of Get Rung Puzzle Mats on the floor stands up to level or fight. However, I found another good use for these carpets. I took four of the carpets and fixed it on one wall to my carpet, but against it. This method can safely damage the wall (or the cage) without damaging the wall.

About cages or rings, puzzle carpets are easy to cut when they are inserted in a corner like a corner, an octagon or a column. In fact, that was the exact reason I had to cut one of them to be around a column around the bench. A simple box cutter was just enough to make the right cuts.


I think it's fairly safe to say I recommend this product. In fact, I give them 2 fingers. Get Rung Puzzle Mats is the perfect solution for the home gym or martial arts school for both floor and wall.

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